Drama queen

Hi everyone I hope your having a nice Sunday for those struggling I send a big hug .i have my Spiro test tomorrow will I know the results straight away l am lucky enough that it is being done by a respiratory nurse at my surgery lm not good at waiting for results as l tend to turn a headache into a brain tumour or indigestion into heart trouble if you get my drift drama queen l could earn an Oscar so any replies would be really appreciated x

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  • Hi your nurse should be able to give you an immediate print out of your results. If you don't understand them ask her to go through them with you so you do. Good luck. .

  • shoud get results and somebody to exlain them .hope

    for the best.

  • Hi, I've never had that test done...only the pft. One thing I do know is that I hope you get the results right away & that they're good. Thx for the hug...always welcomed. Pls let us know how you do. Be praying for you. Terri

  • hi yes she will give them straight away I had mine 3 weeks ago so I no she will also be able to tell you how and whot age the lungs are working at .mine was a 83 year olds lungs , so be it at least we no how bad it is and whot needs to be done .I am waiting to go for the specialist to see me at the centre in Rotherham,breathing space.i still need to stop smoking thou I am really feed up of walking like a 100 year old .anyway my friend good luck let me no how ya get on see ya suex

  • how did you do?

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