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I am being tested for copd which my dr and respiratory nurse have advised me is very likely after numerous chest infections one after the other breathlessness wheezing but no one is really telling me what will happen l couldn't work for more than 6 hours a week due to being unwell can I get help if diagnosed financially I'm so sorry of this is a silly text but it's really confusing l have been on steroid tablets for a week and a ventalin.puffer also anti biotic but each day is really good or bad and I just don't sleep but feel so tired thank you for listening

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  • So sorry you're going through all this. When I was on steroids , it kept me awake a lot. That may be what's happening to you. It's good that you're going to be tested. Then a treatment plan will be given to you. Your doctor may be able to advise you about financial aid. For now you can drink plenty of water, walk as much as you can & hopefully you're not smoking. If so, you need to quit pronto. Let us know how your test tesults are. I'll be praying for you. Take one day at a time. Terri

  • Thank you I will take all your advise Sheelagh

  • If it turns out that you have COPD, keep in mind that even though there is no cure there are lots of things you can do to keep it under control. God bless and keep the faith...


  • Thank you it's nice to know people are listening to my questions and everyone can support one another Sheelagh

  • My husband years ago had the same problem if you can't warm like he couldn't he filed for S. S. Due to his job he was approved but he had to go thru a polumologist and was approved 100 percent disability. I also get it the test is not bad our doctor does his by us going into som box and breathing into a tub actually I'm having another one tomorrow myself but some Med's if you get them you can get free thru manufactures we do I wish you luck and get well and the prednisone I have the same sleeping problem I told my doc and the dose she told me to take all of mine at one time about 6 am and it will help my sleep it works and I take a 10 mg over counter no drugs menatoen talk to you doc it helped us see if u can do this good luck and bless you let us no how u are.

  • Thank you so much i love all these replies it makes me feel supported and that people have some very good advise so big hug to you all

  • Teakup if its copd some people get worse at a slow clip, othersfaster.Be careful bout colds and other troubles with lungs ,could turn into pnemonia easily.Maybe going to state for medical help.

  • it,s not a silly text we all went through this confusing time .when you get your results we can help you more let you know about help out there

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