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Liverpool born but been in NZ for 40 years after a bit of globe trotting. Just retired and loving it. Live at a tiny beach with the Tararua mountains just behind the nearby town of Levin. Was lucky to learn years ago that whatever happens in life, we're free to choose our attitude. Have enjoyed tramping (hiking) much of my life but not really feasible now. Still enjoy the beach. Want to get back into gardening. Enjoy house renovation, music and laughing. Have sung for years but find it difficult to hold a tune now. Always been an activist and still am, only slower lol. Recently quit smoking after 50 years and already breathing easier but not fooling myself. Am a Spiritualist so believe in God but without any dogma. Believe in the ongoing development of the human Soul, so not afraid of passing through the veil when my time comes.

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  • Welcome to you Ian-Todd all the way around the world to New Zealand. I enjoyed reading your intro and you sound like you've certainly seen a lot ! Hopefully this forum will prove to be an absolute wealth of information and advice. Looking forward to "chatting" to you.

  • Thank you SquirrelsHolt. Have already started learning from the site. I really like the support people give each other. We are all one. Good luck on your path!

  • hey you.....sounds like you are doing all the right things! the pulm doc told me if I wanted any quality of life to move to sea level and do pulmonary exercise. All of which if sounds like you are what if you can't carry a tune? you are exercising you lungs by singing! They have a class here on the Oregon Coast learning the digerdoo....that's from your neck of the woods, eh? it's also good exercise for the lungs. Keep on keeping on...wish I could travel, would love to see NZ..........happy trails,

  • Thanks VJ. Have lived by the sea most of my life. You're right about singing regardless. A mate with COPD in another part of NZ is part of a choir called Sing Your Lungs out! Have seen some beautiful parts of Oregon. Are you digerydoo-ing?

  • Welcome Ian-Todd...Loved your post..and I like your attitude.. I've earned that a positive attitude goes along way but also that there will be down days and am learning to power through them ( at least that's what I say I'm doing) Lol...I thought life was a challenge before but now I know better..That's ok because I have not been known to back down from one.. unless it was bad then i would back off..I look forward to hearing more from you..

  • Thanks Wilmahice. Haven't been on the site for a while as i have a new issue to deal with. Some neurological issue. Can't walk properly, balance and voice are shot. Weight loss and muscle wasting as well. Sheesh. Going to see a neurologist in January to get some answers. Meanwhile, I hope you and the rest of the crew in HealthUnlocked h\enjoy Christmas as best as you're able. Bless.

  • So glad you're back..Let us know how everything goes...Have a Merry Christmas or is it Happy Holidays now...Lol,, Either way have a good one..

  • Thanks Wilma. Merry Christmas is the go here although as it's supposed to be summer, we do have holiday season too. Hope you're keeping well and that 2017 is kind to you.

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