upon any exertion I began SOB and works into gasping. O2 98, pulse stays at resting rate, no diagnosis so far please help guide me

The last 4 months I noticed I would breathe very heavy when working(building patio) as time went on my endurance decreased daily. Now showering, putting on shoes or just walking through house has me SOB. I have been tested and and all my blood, heart, lungs, organs check out clear and in good shape. It is almost more a muscle seizure then needing air. My pulse doesn't rise and O2 levels are good during episodes. These SOB episodes have had my gasping and chocking for breath. I become very dizzy and light headed, diaphragm, throat and chest muscles seem to contract erratically. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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  • Hi DannyV; Have you been checked out for asthma? Also did they do EKG and echocardiogram on the heart or was it just blood test? Have you seen a Pulmonary doctor for this? They are the ones who you want to see as they are trained for resp. problems. keep us posted on how your doing.

  • Yes, I have tested ekg, echo-cardiogram, CAT and xray show lungs clear. Sounds are clear. I am today attempting to schedule for breathing test to further isolate root issue. Not like asthma. all blood work has been standard ranges. Thanks for the repy

  • Sounds like bronchiospasms. I use my rescue inhaler (ProAir) and pursed-lip breathing for relief when they occur.

  • I had those bronchiospasms last winter. I was put in the hospital because i felt like I was dying and in fact I think I would have if I hadn't gone to hospital. It was really scarey. I think the cause was Aleve. (Naproxen sodium) I keep hearing about it being so good and so I started taking it. I did not know if you have COPD it can cause those spasms. The doctor at the hospital told me. I had never heard that before. He told that tylanol(acetaminophen)

    is all of that kind of medicine is safe to take with COPD.

  • Aleve has been my choice for it is the only one to seen to work, but your are correct. After ready the possible side effects I am now reluctant to continue,

  • that sounds very similar to my last year and recent episode.This time I was a bit more relaxed knowing I wasn't going to die ,least i hope as an optimist

    Or I could have a headstone on my grave like Spike Milligan-- "i told them I was ill"

    There is a lot of worthless information around.I like the one ,get plenty of exercise but don,t overdo it.

  • Have you had your heart checked?? They ran all but one test on me..as a last resort they did a heart cath.. found i had a 70 % blockage..all the numbers showed ok.. results of tests showed ok..I was told it was panic attacks and my copd.. i insisted that this was different..Don't be afraid to push the issues with your Dr...

  • Hello Danny. Sorry you are going thru this. SOB is a horrible thing. I would keep going to your doctor or have him refer you to other specialist to find out why you have this. Maybe you are have allergies that need to be checked out. I really don't know but something isn't quite right. Hope you find what's causing this. Take care and God bless

  • thank you for the reply, I will pursue forward

  • I'd definatly see a pulmonologist. I have copd and asthma. And have had problems with breathing and my o2 not dropping. I was however in the hospital last month with simular problems and they said I now have vocal cord function disorder. Is makes me struggle for air and feel short of breath, choke to breathe...without the dropping of my oxygen levels. They had a therapist come to my room to teach my a couple techniques to stop it and it worked wonderfully. Glad it wasn't aLloyd a copd flair. I was out of there quickly. The vocal cords can close and mess with your breathing...I had no idea

  • we had a talk by a speech therapist which was useful.sing at every spare moment.suitable lyrics would be' climb every mountain' and ' were all going on a summer holiday' about all . Being serious it can help. Make sure the neighbors are out.

  • Thank you all for the info, I have gotten the clear on my lungs and went to Neurologist. I am showing signs of GBS (Guillian Barre Syndrome) Not a pleasant time ahead. You are all in my prayers and thank you again.

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