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Back on Prednisolone

Good afternoon everyone, Patricia7 here. Thank you very much to those people who messaged me back. I have brought myself a pulse oximeter from Amazon. I used the Amazon Locker for the 1st time, very pleased with it. I have been unwell since last weekend; breathless at home. I spoke to the respiratory team, advised to start prednisolone, which I have done for 7 days. I have been out of hospital for approximately 6 weeks now; I do not know why this happens? I have just finished my pulmonary rehabilitation course on Wednesday, last week. Thinking of you all. Thank you Patricia7

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time to get on the maintaince phase of pulm rehab now...don't quit!


I am on steroids off and on too. I am getting used to it and that is not a good thing. They now say the problem is I have no elasticity left in my lungs, restrictive lung disease. I am not sure what all that means, I see a lung specialist July 13th.


Wishing you the best with your doctor's appointment sissy724


Patricia7 I am glad to hear you got a pulse ox. Try to keep moving, take your stats often and most of all, I'm wishing you health and better breathing.


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