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Leakage with a small stoma :(

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Hi all,

I am 7 weeks post op with a ileostomy with i am slowly adjusting to (thanks to endometriosis which damaged by bowel!)

Was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to combat a problem I am having with leakage. My stoma is very small and the opening is not at the top of the sto.a but actually on the underside and very close to my skin (a big inconvenience!) I always have sore skin in this area and have been using a Sensura Mio bag soft convex and a brava protective seal.

When I change the bag every other day, I always have output underneath the protective seal (where my stoma opening is and the area of skin which is sore). Even if I change it the next day, still output on the protective seal and so the current set up doesn't seem to be working.

I saw the stoma nurse last week a couple of weeks ago who gave me some stoma powder to help with the sore skin as it was weeping but didn't seem overly concerned.

The stoma powder isn't really helping the route of the problem as still leaking so wondered if anyone has any tips I what I could do to stop this? I also wear a brava belt on the appliance to keep it flush to my skin.

Do you think another appointment with stoma nurse is in order?

Many thanks


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Hi Fay I had an emergency operation due to part of my bowel dying because of blood clot hence ileostomy bag , the first thing I would try is take the belt off and only use it if going out for meals or such. It’s only a personal opinion but I think keeping it squashed all the time can’t help but definitely get in contact with your stoma nurse she has given you powder and it doesn’t seem to work, well they have other ideas, I wear shirts not tucked in to cover up and special trousers and jeans,hart felt sympathy .Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Good morning. I had a similar reason for my ileostomy to Dogbot. Blood clot in my aorta traveling down to my bowl and killing off part of my small intestine.

Only 7 weeks after your operation. You and your body are still adjusting, and your stoma is still settling down. True it's fair for the nurse to not be too concerned, but like most situations it's completely different if you are the patient. You are the one going through it and they have probably never personally experienced what you are currently going through.

But saying that if it was anything medically serious they will act on it.

You might have to try a different bag and seal eventually if the leaking doesn't stop. There is no reason for you to have to put up with leaking all the time. There are numerous different sizes and styles of bits that should stop leaks. So yes it is a good idea to contact the nurse again. Please don't feel you have to put up with leaking.

I did have a belt but I found it uncomfortable to wear but that was probably because I had other complications at the time too.

One thing you must do is not rush changing the bag and seal because the slightest amount of dampness around the area will ruin the seal and cause leaking. Even if you are sure it's dry before putting on a new bag and seal, just check again.

Saying that, what normally stops leaking too is a different style of bag and seal. But the nurse probably won't do that until they are sure the current bag, seal and powder is not doing the job

Or maybe your current bag and seal just need to be cut differently to fit around the stoma and over the skin.

Some come precut or you can cut them yourself to fit.

Hope I have not rambled on too much.

Hi Fay,

There are a number of different pouches in the Mio range one of which kind of lifts the stoma proud of any skin contact. I’ve not tried them, but was sent some as samples to try & get leaking issues under control. Something like this may be the answer but if not do keep contacting your stoma nurse until you resolve the leakage issues.

Crusting with the stoma powder will help sore skin as will the Brava skin barrier spray - the latter will also increase adhesion of the pouch, it’s magic stuff & stopped my leaking issues in their tracks.

Hopefully, you’ll resolve your issues quickly!

Fay, here's the scoop on the protective seal...I had the same problem for several weeks after surgery and discovered that to keep the seal from leaking, you have to apply some heat to it in the form of a heated gel pack (1 to 1/2 minutes in a microwave) or something similar. It only takes a few minutes after you change the pouch (I usually shave while holding the pack on the pouch . Also you are correct the powder only makes it harder to seal. Use some of the wipes you are given after you spread the powder and make certain none is in the way of the seal. This works for me for 3 days and then I change on the fourth day. Hopefully this will help you too. I also have a small stoma that ejects from the lower part.

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