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Problems with colostomy since day 1

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I have had my colostomy since 2009 after colon rectal stage 3 cancer.since my surgery i have had a lot of pressure down deep in pelvic region.In 2012 i had a hernia repair on my stoma and the pressure became bearable.After a few mo ths i felt it herniated it again but continued to work with it until the pressure became unbearable again. So in 2014 i had another hernia repair to stoma and again the pressure became bearable again but still persistent.In 2017 the pressure became unbearable again so i had an opportunity ther ct scan and they said that i had a slight hernia but it wasnt bad enough to operate again.I have seen doctor after doctor for this issue and no one can help me.I even seen a pelvic floor specialist with no help.After working the last 10 years with it i cant do it anymore. Can someone there help with this issue? It would be a life changer for me. Thank you

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