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Newby with dietary questions

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Hi, my colostomy and stoma is now 3 weeks old following an emergency procedure. Everything's fine so far and my diet is returning to normal. Having said that I find a lot of the advice online contradictory. I understand the no sweetcorn, nuts, peas rules ok but I love salads and really want to reintroduce them. I know that I can deseed/skin tomatoes and cucumber but what about lettuces? Some sites say no but then go on to recommend leafy vegetables, which confuses me. And what about peppers? Or dates (I love dates)?

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I have an ileostomy, and I have no trouble with cooked corn or other cooked vegetables. Raw is a different story; I can only eat small amounts of them. I also have no trouble with nuts or seeds.

The reason you’re finding advice so contradictory is because we’re all different in what we can and cannot eat. Unfortunately, all you can do is try small amounts and see what happens.

3 weeks is awfully soon, though; has your doctor said it’s ok to start expanding your diet? If not, please check with them first. I was told to wait 6 weeks.

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Hi u can eat iceberg lettuce just make sure it's chopped up. Celery is a good substitute for onion . As I find onion blows up bag .


I have had a colostomy since 1988, I eat all the things you mention. All I would say is try a " little"of what you fancy. Try not to be too loose,which can be as troublesome as to solid.

Tip from me, if you have "broken skin", normally caused when you remove the bag, treat with manuka honey, I have tried everything else from the pharmacy & nothing works as well as the honey.

May I wish you the best of luck, and everything settle down quickly


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