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New stoma and a little afraid

I have blood comming from my but and my ileostomy is temporary. It was done 4 weeks ago and I also started getting a sharp pain near it right above If I feel it I feel a small bump. How do I know if I should go back to the Hospital

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When my partner had his stoma he used to get blood from his anus frequently. the advice he was given was if it was more than a cup full to seek advice. Apparently its quite normal to get this discharge as your rectum is still producing mucus etc that it would do normally. In the end my partners discharge was daily and interrupting normal life and his UC returned in his rectum so he did decide to go for a proctectomy and have a permanent stoma.

Re the paid - the body has been through a traumatic procedure you could be feeling a stitch they have used? I would always suggest you get it checked out though for piece of mind if you are concerned.


I went to see surgeon and he said it was nothing mabey a stitch. And now three days later bump almost gone. And less painful. Taking prednisone now to to try help stop bleeding because he said it could be a Crohn flare causing blood and I want a reversal really badly


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