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Newbie looking for advice/support

Hi all.

I have been suffering with poor digestive health and bowel issues most of my life. It has become much worse over the past year. I am at the point where several surgeons have said a bag is my best option, perhaps the most extreme but also the safest. I am a small lady with pre existing issues and scar tissue from past surgeries. I am at the point I am ready to move on with it.

This sounds dumb, but how does weather/climate affect you and your new lifestyle?? I currently live in the Phoenix Arizona area. I cannot imagine staying here with an ostomy bag and being independent when the temperature is above 100 nearly six months out of the year and isolated. I like the outdoors but not at 100 degrees.

I have the ability to relocate if I need to, some friends in the LA California region, very mild climate, and then the midwestern part of the US. I have several other medical issues too but am still ambulatory and would like to make as much of a life for myself as I can.

I have much to be grateful for and hope that going this route with the bag will give me more freedom than I currently experience. I am apartment bound/housebound due to accidents.

thank you for any advice you may have.

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I too am having to go back to a bag, its not fun to have to have major surgery but getting your life back is worth it. I had a bag for two years when I was a kid, we lived in San Diego, perfect climate. Im not sure what climate and heat does to the comfort etc, but I know the midwest gets scorching hot, humid summers, so maybe think LA?

For me I think the most important thing is having friends and family around who understand and can be there when you need it. Making drastic changes whilst in pain and housebound and I assume down is possibly not the right time, I would have the surgery, get back on track and then assess. It may be fine?!

I live in the south of england now and the weather is probably like san francisco ish. But what I have here in terms of friends and support is invaluable.

I hope this helps, good luck.



Hi there I have had an ileostomy bag since I was 26 years old some 40 plus years ago and have never looked back,I live in the south of England but have visited family in Phoenix AZ on several occasions in mid summer and have not had any problems.I hope all goes well for you Love Macie x x x


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