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Regucol/imodium alternatives, effective relief for loose bowl movement?


Regucol combines psyllium husks with bacterial cultures.Psyllium husks are naturally high in fibre, when mixed with fluid, they act like a sponge, absorbing more than twenty time their weight and forms mucilage.


I used imodium (loperamide hydrochloride) for a time, but when I stopped using it. I found it made no difference to my bowel movement whatsoever, save the side effects of dry mouth and a sort of constipation.

I recently discovered Regucol which works great, at times I almost feel like a normal human being, but there's one nasty catch, it's only sold by holland and barrett, and at no small price point, which I can only assume is paying for the shelf space, as avery pot is one third empty at 180g, and at the quantities needed two heaped teaspoons before every meal, even at £5.24 is not viable long term solution.

Are there any good/cheaper alternatives or have you had any success with bulk orders over the internet?

I intend to write an Email directly to holland and barrett, will update this thread with their response.

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Thank you for your post this is quite interesting - do you have an ileostomy? and how loose is your output? and how long has this been going on? Sorry for all the questions - I would like to see if we can help but just need a bit more info! Thanks again Ostomy lifestyle


i have had my ileostomy 19 yrs and not any support until 3 months ago. a stoma nurse visited and suggested trying something to bulk up waste.i have had fluid for 19 years. you can imagine that day and night. i would lso like to know if there is anything to help.i have tried lloyds own brand of imodium and no good.


Sorry to hear that flamingo1973 we have a free phone helpline that anyone can call who has been affected by stoma surgery 0800 731 4264! if there is any advice that we can help you with then please give us a call, watery output for 19yrs and no support does not not sounds too good! I hope we can help you, regards Ostomy Lifestyle


I've had an Ileostomy and a year later what they call'd a reversal, which is an internal pouch, that does not appear or is under a different term under (My condition(s) in profile.

My output is what might be considered diarrhea like but not to the extent that is just liquid.

My commiserations flamingo1973, I've visited "specialists/Doctors" in hospital and was given a type of air freshener thingy with zip bag + few trinkets, I don't know if that counts as support, if it is you're not missing out much, I've had Ileostomy for 15 years and loose stool for most of that time.

but fortunately with an internal pouch, which bring it's own set of problems burning for one, less said the better ;(

I'd recommend you try Regucol, it's best to drink it with your eye's closed, it doesn't taste too nice, but it works, I'd suspect if your output is worse than what'd be commonly considered diarrhea, you might need larger doses than two hyped teaspoons pre meal.

If I can just get Regucol at a reasonable price, life would be a lot more bearable.


Creatfa11en. You can get a very similar product on prescription called fybogel. This is made of the same husk. If you pay for prescriptions you could ask for however many packs you need for a month. This product is also available to buy at most pharmacies. Good luck and I hope this will help.


This is great news, thanks Gillyflower!!! :)

Will book an appointment with my GP for fybogel, I'm feeling hopeful.