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Hi, a 20 year survivor of colon cancer. 15 cms of large intestine resection to small. Would I like to have had the colostomy? I sure would have. Those I know who have had colon cancer do have a better life style than I. Travel, dining out, and social activities are very difficult as I must eat at least two hours before I do anything.

I have also been told I have had cancer in other place 6 times, skin cancer 5 and prostate. For one of the skin cancer I had to fly from my home to Toronto to have MOHs Surgery. Luckily I have only had treatments once and that was prostate cancer. That too has caused problems. I am fortunate to have two cancer causing genes, the Lynch Syndrome and the Muir Torres. Then to add icing on the cake I now have heart issues.

Something different is going to happen in my life other than medical. It will be a moment where I will truly be jubilant for sure. If it is a huge financial gain others will be jubilant as well.

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My mom had a hemicolectomy, I don't know just how much was removed but it may have been comparable (we've some six feet / almost two metres of large colon to work with, losing a very small bit often does not require a colostomy).

Mom had a completely normal life afterwards (no pouch needed, no appreciable impact on her digestive habits).

~wbic, member coloncancerconnected forum

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GStone in reply to wbiC

When I had cancer in the large intestine there was cancer on the ascending, and decending sides but nothing on the transversal. My surgeon suggested I have all but the 15cm removed because of the possibility of the resection. 15 cms/6 in is approximately 1/12 PC the large intestine. With only this much remaining there are issues that could have been relieved with the colostomy. Your Mom was very fortunate not to have had any of these issues, everyone is different. I can only relate to what I have experienced and if someone was in my condition, finding out that they were only having 15 cms remaking I would tell them to have the colostomy.

Sorry to hear this hope you don't mind me asking but what symptoms do u get with prostate cancer x

First my prostate had to be removed because I was at stage 4. If you are referring to the symptoms before I knew I had prostate cancer I had two symptoms. First blood in my water. The second was an increase in my PSA.

If you are referring to after.,muscle mass has declined, because of a lowering of testosterone, more frequent urination, sex drive is there but no such thing as performance. If I took steroids for muscle enhancement it could cause the cancer to reoccur.

I hope this answers your question. If it does not please be more specific and I will try to see what I can do to answer.mwe cancer survivors, patient, have to help each other to get through this horrid disease.

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