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Hey all, I have just talked to my parents about the blood in stool and constant constipation and they told me to head to the doctors and i did asap. I booked an appointment and i told him everything. He referred me to go and get an ultrasound and to take linaclotide for my constipation. I am so nervous about this ultrasound for a tumour or something like that. I have never been so nervous. Also am getting blood work done this afternoon. I am only 18 and i feel like i shouldn’t have to be going through all of this. I’m active and eat well. i’m just scared

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Why do you think you are so constipated? Bad diet? Constant Anxiety? Lack of activity? Or?

~wbic, member bonehealth forum

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Steppaa in reply to wbiC

I eat well and am very active. This is why i am worried.

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Hi Steppaa ,That's great that you talked to your parents, glad that you did that as well as talking to your doctor.

It is normal to be nervous before any type of testing where you fear what the outcome will be. Try to keep in mind that there is a very strong connection between your gut and your brain - anxiety can worsen gastrointestinal symptoms. I know it is not easy to switch off the nerves and anxiety that you are feeling.

I hope that the linaclotide provides you some relief from the constipation you are experiencing. It would be a good idea to keep a journal on how your bowel habits are once starting the medication, this will be useful for your doctor to know if you are on the right dosage for your body.

Do you know when you will have access to the blood test results?

While there's not a ton that we can say that will make your anxiousness about the ultrasound go away, I do hope you take comfort in the fact that you have taken an important step in getting checked out by a medical doctor, and soon, should have answers as to why you are experiencing blood in the stool and constipation.

Keep in mind, there are SO many reasons for blood in the stool, and many of them are very treatable conditions. The reason we always advise and encourage people to get checked out, is that blood in the stool can be a sign of something more serious.

As someone who has been posting in our forum, I hope you see that you are not alone in experiencing symptoms and feeling a lot of anxiety around the 'what if'. People who experience blood in their stool and do not seek medical treatment cause us anxiety! The hope is, and the chances are, that this could be from one of the many many other causes of rectal bleeding (your constipation alone could be what is causing the bleeding, as it can cause tears and aggravate hemorrhoids).

Try not to get ahead of what it could be, and give yourself some recognition for facing your fear and getting checked out.

Keep us posted and remember that we're here if you want to vent or ask questions.

We're so glad that you took that important step of contacting your medical provider.

~Nicole, GCCA Staff Member & Colon Cancer Connected Site Administrator.

Just a reminder - this group is here to offer support, share experiences, and offer our thoughts - but this is not medical advice, and you should always consult your medical professional(s). Additionally, for all emergencies, seek urgent medical care, never delay.

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Steppaa in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Thank you for putting my mind in some ease. I have no idea about the blood test results but I don’t think it takes long. Maybe two days or so. The ultrasound is booked and will happen in three days. I will keep u guys posted.

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