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Red/maroon tinted poo

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I have had blood in my stool for 11 months now. Waiting for colonoscopy but have to wait till my baby is born as I’m pregnant. The blood is not caused due pregnancy as I have had it before pregnancy. My stool is now looking red alongside seeing some dark bloody mucas. 😣 I’m just so petrified now. Btw sorry for the tmi picture.

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Yeah sadly it looks like its maroon and with some blood too into it. But what do the doctors say? Can they give an opinion on what else it might be? Even to give you some peace of mind ffs, you have been sick worried for months.It can even be IBD, don't think about the worst yet...Do you have diarrhea too?

Best wishes to you and the baby.

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Jazzy1990 in reply to Dalph87

It was definitely tinted red. The doctors won’t do anything till baby is born. I don’t have diarrhea, I go once a day. They did a calprotectin test and that was fine so it’s not IBD, which makes me more worried.

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Dalph87 in reply to Jazzy1990

I thought the calprotectin value in bowel cancer is even higher than the one in IBD though? A normal value shouldn't be cancer.

Can still be something else, like Celiac Disease or persistant severe piles, or maybe it can be just a colon polypus (yes they do bleed), try to not worry too much.

On average the chances of getting cancer are still very low, around 4%, and unless you have family history, age is at your side.

I think it's almost certainly one of these 3 things I mentioned. Do you feel tired too? Loss of appetite? Weight loss?

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Jazzy1990 in reply to Dalph87

For IBD calproctein is higher not for CC. I’m praying worse case it’s hemorrhoids but that’s really wishful thinking and I highly doubt. My stool is always tinted red like it’s been in my colon taking blood in. With the increasing rates in younger people I’m just not looking at my age no more.

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Dalph87 in reply to Jazzy1990

Who told you calprotectin is lower in CC??? That is totally false.

"Raised faecal calprotectin values have been reported in bowel infections, cancer of the bowel and other gastrointestinal diseases, and false negative results might have been the result of the long time interval, up to several weeks, between colonoscopy and calprotectin sampling in some studies.16 ago 2010"

"Measurement of fecal calprotectin may possibly become of value as a marker for colorectal cancer, although calprotectin, similar to fecal occult blood (FOB) tests, is a non-specific test for colorectal pathology, also being elevated in inflammatory bowel diseases."

Source - Google.

It's stated on several websites.

It can even be proctitis (yes, it can last years if untreated), please don't think about the big C. yet, yes it's on the rise on young adults but the chances you have it are still small.

It's still much more common after 50.

You are like...30? Chances are still extremely low, especially if you don't have family history. The chance is still 4%, that percentage didn't change for the average individual.

Try to understand that only a small percentage of people do get cancer, it's high more likely that you have something else instead.

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Dalph87 in reply to Jazzy1990

Let me be honest with you.

If you already convinced yourself that you have the worst thing ever no matter what, then what is the point of asking us?

I already stated more than once (in some other threads too) that you most likely don't have C.

Blood in the stool can be caused by countless other things, and your calprotectin test is ok (that is a very good sign trust me) but the only way to know at 100% is to have a colonscopy, and you cannot have it right now sadly.

There isn't much we can do here, we cannot diagnose you, and believe me when I say that I do feel bad for you even if I don't know you (it's not nice to live like that) although I stated many other things it can be and please don't dismiss them. It can totally be one of those, sometimes not all the symptoms are present nor fully match with what Doctor Google says.

You will realize at the end that it's one of the things I mentioned and not Cancer.

Cancer is not a common disease nor is easy to get it, quite the opposite in fact.

It is on the rise among young adults but is still and will always be predominantly an old person disease.

Best wishes and let us know how it goes for you and the baby.

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Jazzy1990 in reply to Dalph87

I think what’s scary is that this bloody has been happening for a year now and everyday. Fit test positive twice, with high levels of blood. I still wanna think positive and I do try and put this at the back of my mind but it’s very hard. Just waiting for baby to arrive now and get the needed test done to tell me what’s wrong.

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Dalph87 in reply to Jazzy1990

It can be just a colon polypus, they do bleed like I said, and can take many years before becoming C.

Best wishes and keep us informed.

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Jazzy1990 in reply to Dalph87

I really hope it’s nothing serious like you say. I will keep you updated I hope. I’m so close to my due date now.

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Dear Jazzy1990 ,Thank you for posting, we've been thinking of you and know that waiting until after you give birth has really increased your health anxiety. With all the tests they've done up until now, that they have said that you have to wait, can't be easy.

You've been so strong and you are almost to the finish line!

Please hang in there - we are hoping for the best and no matter what the outcome is, we're here for you.

Your due date should be very close - correct? I understand they are waiting until February - is that due to scheduling or that they want you to be one month post-birth before the colonoscopy?

Please update us when you have a chance.

~Nicole @ GCCA

Hi Nicole, very hard to not think the worst when you have been having symptoms for so long and nothing can be done. The wait till February is because they want me to heal from birth. I’m hoping they see me in February, they haven’t really given me an appointment just a telephone consultation.

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Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Jazzy1990

Jazzy1990 - I hope you have a healthy and safe birthing experience!

I think it is more than reasonable to try to get a date for the colonoscopy, now. There are a lot of conditions or diseases that it could be, but with the amount of blood, and the length of time you've experienced this, a colonoscopy seems to be what they will end up performing (not just colorectal cancer, I'm thinking of a variety of other GI conditions it could be).

I say this not to increase your anxiety but to hopefully get an appointment scheduled - because it would be very disappointing after waiting all this time, for you to get put off for months (or more) because COVID has caused backlogs and long wait times for colonoscopy.

Hang in there - we hope you'll have answers soon.

Please keep us posted!

~Nicole @ GCCA

Actually the colour is quite normal just that’s just blood on the top part but seriously other than that, the colour is quite normal

I agree with above poster. I can see a tad of red mixed in, but color looks normal - I cannot see a red tint at all. I had same thing happen to me, and waited 11 months before getting a colonoscopy, and it was internal hemorrhoids - grade 2. I was 40 at the time. I did have one polyp removed and I go back next November for my five year follow up. Wishing you the best!

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Jazzy1990 in reply to tmarsha

I get red mucas on my stool inside my stool. At times red pieces of stool, it’s blood as I did a fit test and high levels of blood showed up.

Can you let us know how are you getting on Everyday from the last time you updated here, is everything alright at the moment?

Have you received any diagnosis?

Hi. Just wondering how you are getting on??

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