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For Colorectal (Bowel) Patients and Survivors - how has COVID-19 impacted your treatment? (Caregivers, we want to hear from you, too!)

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We're curious, how has COVID-19 impacted your treatment?

From delayed surgeries and halted clinical trials to restrictions on visitors, how has COVID-19 impacted your treatment - from both a medical and emotional standpoint?

We've heard from patients that due to COVID-19, they could not have a family member or friend with them during treatment, or at a doctor's appointment. We've also heard that programs that offer free rides to and from treatment have been canceled.

Please comment below to share your experience.

Many thanks,

Nicole @ GCCA

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Hi Nicole this whole episode has impacted massively on me the delay in getting my surgery was torturous and then not been able to have any visitors made me feel very isolated and depressed I was not able to have my husband help me walk in to my doctors surgery 8 days after my op as my wound was infected I could barely walk, even now have to go to my follow up appointments alone it’s very scary to have to deal with been told you have cancer alone and your treatment plan over telephone it feel like only COVID-19 patients matter and they come first it’s very sad my pre-Covid skin cancer diagnosis’s could not have been more different the help advice and treatment were all first class and none of my ongoing appointments were cancelled

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