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High faecal calprotecin,


Hi there, i am new here, need some info if anybody has faced this.

A week before i went to GP because my stomach was bloating constantly, had some gas ,and my stomach was burning that time,so he said that it might be IBS so get the stool test.

I had done stool check, my faecal calprotecin was 922 ,he said u need colonscopy urgently, in the lab reports it is written Inflamatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer is likely..

I am so scared, blood results all came normal, i dont have any pain in abdominal areas,no weight loss, no fatigue, sound sleep, stool 1 or two time daily.

I have been just eating rice,chicken,lentils ,simple foods from last week,and i feel normal,no gas,no bloating as well, but the stool is someday like diarrehea type.

I have ranged gastro specialist and said that i can get appointmnt in two weeks.

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Any update on this

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