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Permanent or temporary colostomy

Another question. I am having a consultation with my oncologist and surgeon this Friday. Will they be able to tell me for sure if my colostomy will be permanent or temporary at that time?

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Not sure - depends on the tumour how low it is! For me it was very low so I needed a permanent colostomy - they did tell me prior to surgery


Thanks for the response. I just want to know before surgery so I’m not surprised afterwards.


Hi there. Mine was low too and I am now one week post reversal! I can only imagine it's quite case by case? I was given the choice of which to go for at my surgical appointment. Jade to weigh up the risks of successful functioning after reversal. All I can say is for me it was worth the risk - so far! Good luck


They told me before I started treatment that it would be temporary. I just wondered if once they do the surgery that they might change their mind. Thanks for the response. I hope your reversal goes well for you. God bless


I didn’t have a choice - I think it was because the tumour was advanced stage 3!!!! Good luck anyway


I was told it was temporary beforehand but after surgery was told it was permanent. I've had mine for 9 months now and although it takes some getting used to there is lots of help so don't worry, you will soon get used to it if it's permanent. Hope everything works out for you. Hugs.


Thanks for the reply. I had my consultation yesterday with the surgeon and he said the ileostomy will be temporary. So I will wait and see. God bless.


My tumour was on the join of the colon and rectum . Mine was reversed once completed chemotherapy. I was told it would be temporary. Good luck


I believe that is where mine is. My surgeon said it would be reversed after 8 weeks. He also said they won’t know if I will need chemotherapy until they get the pathology report. I just so freaked out by all of this. I am looking forward to gettin it over with so I will know what I will be dealing with. Has your reversal worked out well for you Martin?


Yes it has worked out fine.

I was stage 3b with 5 nodes infected

I had folfox chemotherapy to sweep up any strays.

It’s now almost 3 years since the resection and no return.

The surgeon will have taken out not just the tumour but al the local lymph nodes.

They delay the stoma reversal if chemotherapy as it’s really important to start the sweep up ASAP.

Look up SCOT report . My oncologist was Tim Iveson who led the investigation.

You are in good hands



That’s wonderful. How long was your chemo after surgery?


The chemotherapy was 6 sessions but it was my decision to end early.

The Scot report was not released at that time but I did have the full quantum of oxaliplatin.

The Scot report was to consider 6 or 12 sessions. Generally the results are that there is a very small difference and one has to balance the fraction benefit with the greatly increased side effects of the peripheral neuropathy. Also many struggle with the 7-12 sessions and require dropping the main ingredient oxaliplatin.

Your oncologist will guide you . You don’t loose your hair . I do recommend you look up the short course oncology treatment (Scot) review which has been reported in the medical journals all over the world.

IMHO, it’s important to start the chemotherapy ASAP, any delay is unwise. The stoma is a bore but it can be reversed a few weeks after end chemotherapy. I can’t tell you what to do , that’s the oncologist job , but you are the boss, it’s your body.

The pathologist will confirm the number of lymph nodes that were removed and infected.

The SCOT report provides the latest information


Thanks for the information Martin. I was wondering about losing my hair. The chemo I had before my surgery was Xeloda, which didn’t cause any side effects except making me tired. The surgeon told me last Friday that my tumor may be a lower stage than they first thought. At first they told me it was between stage 2 & 3, so now I don’t know what to expect. I live in the US so maybe things are different here. I don’t know but I have a wonderful team of doctors and specialists and so far everything has gone smooth with very little problems. I am hoping that continues. Have a great day and again thank you for responding to my questions. God bless!


God bless you too

If it’s stage 2 probably no chemotherapy. Will say a prayer for you


Thank you for the prayers. I have great faith in the Lord. He is my rock. Have a great day! xxx


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