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Stoma bag

Had my operation, to remove my cancer, about a month ago, it went really well, had my stoma bag fitted, and can be reversed in about three months time, anybody worrying about having a bag fitted you will be fine,, they are small and fits under your clothes easy, there are different bags you can get, mine is changed completely every three days, you empty the the bag about 2/3 times a day, it sounds messy but it not, you will get intoa routine, any questions ask me, John

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Thank you so much for sharing your story and offering advice!


It's good to advise others - I too have recovered from bowel cancer - I'm 54 now - just had my last colonoscopy - all clear. Had 7cm tumour - radiation - surgery - chemo - reversal of iliostomy ( had stoma 12 months) and now clear - was tough but I'm still here and now healthy


Good to jbow dear ... i had my chemo & radiotherapy.. than surgery with loop ilostomy.. now under going 12 cycle chemo for 6 months i was in stage 3 rectal cancer.. advice if anthing to be careful further.. thanks


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