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Hi my name is Suzy I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer Sept 15. I had 8 months of chemo after a left Hemicolectomy with a right ileostomy. I have a secondary in my liver which I have just had RFA treatment to it am just waiting for an appointment for a CT to see whether the treatment has worked fingers crossed. I cannot praise all of the medical staff that have looked after me for over the last 12 months. I've also just had my central line removed and hopefully some time next year I hope to have my Ileostomy reversed.

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Hi suzi

I am in Southampton general as just had the stoma bag removed.

Hang in there . the medical teams give such hope and assurance

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Hi Martin,

Well done you. I'm near Wolverhampton and had some of my treatment at the fantastic QE in Birmingham....but most of my treatment has been at New Cross in Wolves. I'm due to see my surgeon in reversal has been delayed due to the tumour in my hopefully if my treatment has worked I'll be booked in early next year for my reversal. Hope did your op go. Did you have full surgery or keyhole. I haven't discussed that yet as to how it will be done. Hope you're doing good


Hi, I had keyhole surgery and folfox 6 chemotherapy.

The stoma reversal is ok but the system is UPSET as the bowl has to cope wit reduced circumstances!!!!

See the suurgeon again in December and have my first CEA blood test.🙄


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