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Is sleep apnea (not sure of spelling sorry) connected to CMT?

My offical diagnosis by my neurologist after many, many years of tests, is: "Muscle Atrophy of unknown origin" however I am 99% sure I have CMT; The symptoms and experiences CMT-ers have could have been written as if based on me! Several years ago my (now ex-husband) insisted I went to see our GP as he claimed I would wake him up throughout the night by snoring followed by choking, gagging noises! At first I thought he was winding me up, but eventually I went to see my GP, got a referral and was diagnoised with sleep apnea (sorry spelling again!). My query is this: if sleep apnea is a recognised symptom of CMT then surely along with my funky-feet and unco-operative hands, not to mention the constant bruises from tripping falling losing balance etc etc WHAT do I need to do to get a diagnoisis?????????

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I have CMT type 1a and sleep apnoea myself, from looking around here I noticed that sufferers of CMT do also have sleep apnoea. Not sure if they are linked though, I see different consultants for these issues.

Regarding diagnosis of CMT, it is normally done via blood tests and/or nerve conduction studies. If you have mentioned CMT and have had many tests then it is unlikely, only thing to advise is to badger your GP for definite diagnosis.


Hello to 'Funkyfeet'....

"Right you lot pay attention" !

"I will only tell you this once" ! who said that ? ? ? answer at bottom :

>Obstructive = obstruction/closure of the airway in your throat ?

>Sleep = it happens when the person is asleep :

>Apnoea = this means ‘without breath’ – if the person stops breathing :

>The cycle of O.S.A. (obstructive sleep apnoea) :

>APNOEA is from the Greek language, meaning for "without breath" !

When we go to sleep our muscles relax, including those in our throat :

In some people these relaxing muscles cause the throat/airway to narrow, which "in-turn" reduce's the airflow to our lungs :

This then results in loud snoring :

If the throat closes, or obstructs COMPLETELY, you stop breathing temporarily, this is called an apnoea.

If the throat PARTIALLY closes this is called a hypopnoea.

When this happens, there will be a dip in the level of oxygen contained in your blood. :

The brain notices this, and injects a shot of adrenalin, to start the person breathing again: Some sufferer's / people wake up briefly, others are not aware of what is happening.

Breathing often restarts with a gasp, and the pattern continually repeats throughout the night.

In severe cases this cycle, can happen hundreds of times a night. This can cause the person to feel very sleepy during the day, because they do not realise that their sleep is being disrupted at night.

My own current medical problems are >>>

1>Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, Type 1a :

2>Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (C.P.A.P. Therapy) :

3>Diabetes Type 2, I truly believe all three subjects are interlinked with Cmt?

4> B12 Deficiency

I truly believe that subjects 2, and 3 are 'inter-linked' with Cmt? ------------------------------------------------------------------------

WHAT ? Do I need to do to get a positive diagnosis if I have Charcot Marie Tooth disease ? ? ?

Charcot Marie Tooth disease (always call it a disease, NOT a condition ! It is also called by our health professionals as >>>

HEREDITARY : [passed from parent to an offspring]

MOTOR : [brain to muscles nerve signal convey's command signals]

SENSORY : [touch/ feelings signals fingers/hands, back to brain]

NEUROPATHY : [any disease of the nervous system]

CMT it is an inherited (parent to offspring), neurological disease in which your MYELIN sheathing, a wax like substance which wraps around your nerves to insulate the electrical (MOTOR/COMMAND) nerves is DEFECTIVE and LEAKS ! ! ! Therfore, the signals/impulse waves, from TO and FROM your brain to your muscles are at a much reduced strength in their (VELOCITY/SPEED) :

Likewise the (SENSORY/TOUCH/FEELINGS) signals from your fingers/hands/feet/toes, to your brain are also much reduced, and will cause extremely a (SLOW/ RESPONSE & REACTIONS/BEING CLUMSY), and over a period of many years, due to the constant loss/lack of strong electrical signals to stimulate your body's muscles, your muscles will eventually start to waste, particularly in your lower limbs, and your fingers/hands:

Request a referral to a another NEUROLOGIST !

Ask them to arrange for the appropriate BLOOD test(s), including your D.N.A. to be taken to identify the defective mutant gene in your body cells, and ask, what type of CMT do I have ?

There a approx 8 No. different types identified !

Also ask for a Nerve Conduction Velocity Test (NCV), (a very uncomfortable test) to determine the actual degree of existing damage lost to your motor, and sensory nerves :

Answer to who said that, in letters are in reverse order > yllennoc yllib ! ! !


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