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Be on your guard for symptoms of Angina !

Hello To All Fellow CMT Sufferer's >>>>

As part of my ongoing exercise routine, my wife and I go walking 4/5 (3-5K) days a week to

assist me with my CMT 1a / Diabetes Type 2 / Hypertension / Sleep Apnoea / I have now reached the age of 67 years:

Over the last six months I was getting steadily worse whist walking - shortage of breath / moderate chest pains: Washing the car / mowing the lawn became very hard work: Went to see my G.P. and got blood tests back within 24 hours: Sent to Cardiology Chest Pain Clinic for further investigations: Failed on "treadmill" test, also a bad ECG reading: Next a "echo cardiogram" x-ray showed no damage to heart muscle:

Two days later a "angiogram" x-ray revealed that I had two blocked/narrowed arteries, not enough blood/oxygen getting to my heart: Strong medication + nitrate spray prescribed until my options are decided ?

1) One artery blocked STENT !

2) Two artery's blocked TWO STENTS !

3) Three artery's blocked TRIPLE BYPASS is standard:


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John1945 I am so sorry to hear of this development in your life. Grateful that they were able to find out before any major event and are able to do corrective surgery to help you. Thank you for sharing this information. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family while decisions are made and corrective action is taken. All the best for a speedy and complete recovery! Jean


Many thanks Jean for your most kind comment, on my warning regards Angina :

This website by HealthUnlocked gives all CMT sufferers the opportunity to share our many varying symptoms, and conditions caused by this debilitating disease: Our shared knowledge will allow us to ask more questions to our health professionals, many of who have never seen a case of CMT in their medical careers ! John.


Good luck John.


Hello to Whiterose, and Jean CMT2112,

Many thanks for your kind concerns >>>>

Here's the latest update >>> Just received a call (Fri 10th @ 9.00am) from the "Cath Lab" based a Hairmyres Hospital, East Kilbride advising me of a cancellation / availability on (Mon 13 Aug @ 8.00am) to have a Coronary Angioplasty Procedure - Insertion of 2No "stents which will "open-up" my narrowed coronary arteries:

Will have to stay in overnight, as all doctors are aware that anaesthetics and CMT patients, do not mix (slow to leave your body) and must be treated with caution: Fingers crossed ! ! ! John.


Of course we will keep our fingers and if possible toes crossed for you during this proceedure. Take care now.


Thank you for that John, its something we could easily overlook. Prayers & blessings for your full recovery. Heart medicine is so clever, I've been following my 84 year old mothers heart problems and the medics are just so skilled, lynne


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