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A different way to exercise

I just go the Resource Disk from CMT UK and noticed that the exercise portion of it does not help anyone who cannot stand/balance while exercising. I've been trying to figure out the best way to exercise without injuring myself and I came across a little book, very inexpensive, called 'Rosie's Armchair Exercises' by Rosita Evans. You can find this on While some of the exercises still look a bit beyond myself, most of them look possible and my husband is going to help me build towards an exercising schedule during the day that eases me into the whole notion.

Does anyone have any other ideas for those of us who cannot stand/balance while exercising?

Would CMT UK consider adding this as a Resource for the Guide?

I hope you find this information helpful. It's important to stay as active as possible and I have not found a better resource for moving and exercising from a chair. All the best! Jean

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I know that the CMT UK book is undergoing a major overhaul project, so maybe Karen will add it there x


Thanks CMTerSam!


I bought a copy of that book for the office years ago! Its funny, I was thinking about it recently, because my mum is having all sorts of CMT related issues, but can hardly stand these days, and my mother in law, who does not have CMT obviously, also is pretty much immobile these days. I must see if I can find it.

You're right - that is a serious omission and Sam's right, its something we can incorporate into the new book when we get it underway.



Thanks Karen!


Can I ask without hijacking the thread, is there any neuro interested physiotherapists we can approach for beneficial exercise - it's OK to assume that all exercises are beneficial for those who are a little more able-bodied, but from personal experience, I require bespoke exercises to help my arms and legs move in conjunction with not prejudicing my lower back muscles.


Hi steveshawx

Your doctor, neurologist, should be able to refer you to a neurophysio and, if you take this book to him/her, you should be able to identify which ones will work for you.

Regarding your lower back muscles... it is possible to develop your core strength, which will improve your lower back, while sitting or even laying. Again, your neurophysio should be able to help you with that.

Just so you know, this little book, Rosie's Armchair Exercises, was developed by Rosita Evans who suffers with a chronic immune disorder. She had to give up being a Fitness Instructor because of her disorder. She developed these exercises specifically for people who find conventional exercising to be difficult.

Don't discount the book until you purchase it and look through it. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Hope this helps! Jean


Ask around a university. I've found they are great for people with the knowledge who welcome the chance to learn and adapt to you. More experienced physios generally try to fit you to the "how to treat neuropathy" mold.


thanks Jean


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