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The Mother of Invention

CMTites are a pretty resourceful bunch in general I think, so I thought you might raise a smile at my efforts at creating a solution to a CMT problem.

My wife and I enjoy forest walks during which we use our cameras to record video footage of anything interesting we see, for future use in video films for friends and CMT has recently been getting in the way of both these things so...time for a bit of resourcefulness.

We found that Nordic Poles greatly assisted the actual walking side of things, providing much needed support and stability and it didn't take me long to convert one of my poles into a camera-mono-pod sort of thing which supported the camera and helped me to stand still while filming (always a good idea) but lack of stability and balance were still causing too much sideways wobbleage, resulting in unusable film.

A bit more lateral thinking ensued and now, by the simple use of a bolt with a wheel nut on it - and a hole drilled in each Nordic pole - I can quickly and easily lock the two poles together to form two legs of a tripod, with the camera mounted on the top of one and myself forming the third leg of the tripod, it not only steadies the also stabilises the operator, resulting in good quality, usable footage once more...

Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention.

Nordic poles are great if you have stability problems, they make you feel much more secure and less likely to stumble I have just shown...they make super camera mounts as well..

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What a great idea Forester! I would never have thought of that but I have the same problem when taking photos, which I like to do. Thank you so much, Lynne


Hello to Forester .....

And the point of your recent "post" is ?

Surely drilling holes in any carbon fiber "walking-poles" must, and will invalidate any manufacturer's guarantee that you may possess, and have for your walking poles ?

Also it must surely weaken the downward strength/weight specification, which is normally downward load of 130–140 kilo's ?

Best of luck, and good health to you .....

John (Glasgow):


Who said anything about carbon fibre? they are aluminium poles......or manufacturer's guarantee (they are 18 months old at least)...and who gives a damn anyway as long as they do the job...If I have to explain the "point" of my post to you...then you have missed the point entirely...the main thrust of which is that good health is not something I to good luck!!!

My regards to you sir...

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Hello to Forester>>>>>

Opp's ! Ouch !

I seem to have hit a "raw-nerve" ?

I wrongly "assumed" that your current 'walking-poles' were made from the latest lightweight 'carbon-fibre' materials, which are extremely strong, and very lightweight !

I fell into the old trap of assume :

We should never assume anything in today's world ?

As if you assume something, it is liable to make an

Ass / U / & Me ? ? ?


Great idea...enabling you to carry on with what you enjoy and not allowing CMT to put a dampener on it...wishing you well in all you do


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