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CMT-TENS/EMS...any suggestions?

Hello CMTites,

I have just written to Tenscare UK, who make the Tens machine I have used for pain relief for several years now, asking their advice on my current CMT difficulty which is numb ankles with loss of sensitivity.

They are hesitant to make a definitive statement because - surprise surprise - they don't really know much about CMT, but they did suggest that the Tens/EMS type machine - in this case the Sport - might be beneficial because the EMS side of it is directed at muscle issues while the TENS side is directed at of both worlds so-to-speak.

Has anyone had any experience with this type of therapy? If so I would love to hear from you - whether your experience was positive or negative - because, although I quite fancy getting one of these machines and having a go for myself (after all, what harm can it do?) they are not exactly cheap and I don't want to waste £70 without asking the question first.

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i haven't heard of this but if anyone does it would be interesting to see if it helps I have used a TENS machine for years and although it helps with my back doesn't do much for my legs


Hello Bev,

I am almost at the point where I say "To hell with it...I'm going to give it a try anyway"...somebody has to go first!

I am just waiting for a response from Tenscare about where it might be best to place the electrodes to achieve the desired result and I think I may well buy one and try it.

In the booklet with the TENS machine it shows that the electrodes should be placed just below the knee and just above the ankle to treat ankle pain...seems odd to me, and that is what I wanted to clarify about the TENS/EMS machine electrodes positioning.

If anyone has any suggestions about this...numb ankle is what I am trying to would be nice to get your thoughts.


i think its worth trying anything to be honest to see if it works. Look forward to receiving your feedback. i would think you have to place it where the nerves start to try to stimulate them



The new machine has arrived...blimey!

One guy writing a review of it complained that the instruction book was "very complicated"'s not, but the machine is quite complex.

The "TENS" side of it is straightforward...same as before only better...the "Massage " programmes look very interesting, but the "EMS" side - the side I am most interested in - initially looks a little daunting.

Just waiting for the battery to charge, then I am going to have a go with this space!


I've been reading all the "reviews" on Amazon and elsewhere and, in general, they seem to be pretty positive...although none relate to CMT.

Mutterings about the battery charger and the manual put to one side, the actual machine, once people figure out how to use it, seems to be quite effective.

I have decided to buy one...will let you know how I get on.


hopefully it will give you some relief anything is worth trying to be honest


I have to say that first (tentative) results are encouraging.

It took a bit of working out what was the best setting for an EMS trial run on dodgy ankles because no mention of ankles or CMT occurs anywhere in the booklet, but I did it anyway...and I was surprised to note that I could feel a tingling sensation in my right ankle - nothing in my left but definite feelings in the right, which is more than I have been able to say for weeks now...both ankles have felt wooden and dead.

Now, two hours after the session, my right ankle feels sort of lighter, less troubled, than before but my left remains unchanged.

Early days...first session ...don't know if I got the settings right...but I am encouraged.


that certainly sounds promising


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