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Applying for a Blue Badge - has anyone tried this under the stricter conditions since 2012 ?

My walking has deteriorated quite a lot over the past year, so I am really struggling now.

I am in Scotland, and have just got my Blue Badge application form . I do not fall into any category of people automatically entitled to a Badge.

The form seems to concentrate mainly on pain and breathlessness, neither of which is a particular bother for me (I am lucky there), but not the fatigue, weakness and balance problems which characterise CMT. There are occasional additional boxes for the applicant to describe their situation if it's not covered in the tick-boxes, so I shall need to make the best use of them.

There is nothing about any possibility of an applicant appealing against a rejection, but plenty about punishments for false declarations and illegal use of a Badge.

I heard of a recent case of a friend's sister (who has a non-CMT problem), whose balance is so bad that she can only walk if supported by her husband - she was refused because she didn't suffer from pain.

I would really like to know of your own experiences, and advice, please.

Meanwhile I shall continue to be overtaken by people who get out of cars displaying badges in disabled bays, who obviously have walking problems, but go a lot further and faster than I can.

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My mum,who also has CMT , has only managed to get a blue badge in the last 3 months when her walking has deteriorated to the point where she cant walk at all unaided


I really think it depends on where you live and your local authority. My husband was diagnosed this time last year and we applied a few months ago (May I think) he receives no pip/dla (haven't applied as he manages to work full time at the moment) but we completed the blue badge form from our local authority, stating that he was in constant pain all day and night the severity differing from day to day. Sent off the form and he was given a blue badge. Not sure if they contacted his GP or not, but I had photocopied the form, popped in at an appointment told them he was applying and here was what we'd said gave them the copy and that was that. He is the only patient at the practise with CMT so maybe that helped! Have to try I guess. Both our children (7 and 10 have CMT too and both have blue badges and high rate mobility and care dla they do some a couple of other issues). Good luck. Worn out mother/wife xx


as long as you tell it like it is on the form and do not lie then there is no reason for them to prosecute you You would be recommended to submit the form with evidence in the form of a letter from your GP outlining your mobility problems.


Thank you very much for your replies. Now I have more questions...

AJC - I am concerned that your mother wasn't granted a badge until she couldn't walk unaided. That seems incredibly harsh.

Chelsea - thanks for your helpful observations and good wishes. You must have enormous physical and emotional demands to deal with. No wonder you are worn out.

Bev - I am not intending to tell fibs ! Just wondering if there are more effective ways of presenting the truth - for example should I say the distance I can walk on a good day, or an average day or my very worst ?

I am wondering whether it would help my case to point out that I live alone, and have nobody to drop me off at shops or hospital appointments - or to push me in a wheelchair when there are more than a few yards to go. I totally depend on driving to keep independent. Is that your mother's situation, AJC?

I was interested in the idea that a GP could help, Chelsea and Bev. I asked mine and he said that he just fills in a standard form if the Blue Badge people ask for further info ; but he really has no understanding of CMT and little knowledge of my mobility probs (you can't just go to another practice in rural Scotland !) However, I saw the hospital physiotherapist today and she volunteered to write them a supporting letter if they ask her for any info: she thinks I really do need a Blue Badge But unfortunately she isn't the authority that decides.


Well, I have at last completed the application form, and put it through the authority's letterbox. My neurologist is willing to be contacted, as well as my physiotherapist, so I sent them each a copy of what I had written.

As well as the stuff about walking probs, I filled in the bit about "disability in both hands", calling it " moderate" , as coins can slip from the fingers, (especially cold winter fingers) and some machines produce tickets that only stick out a few millimeters so you can't grip them to pull them out. I added that it is hard to maintain my balance while juggling the money and trying not to drop my walking aid

Another point I made was that as I am on my own, I depend on driving to my destination. But I now park at the local Park&Ride, and then get a taxi to the hospital entrance when I have an appointment, rather than using the patients' (free) car park and attempting to walk all the way from there to the door.

I just hope they will be convinced. It will be some weeks before I hear anything.


To my astonishment, and immense relief, just a week after the local authority received my completed form, they rang, to say my Blue Badge was ready for collection.

It is already begining to make a huge difference to my life.



I think it varies between County Councils. I applied for mine January 2014 with Kent County Council. I told them I struggle to walk and use crutches, paid £10 and got it within 3 weeks. I presented myself there handed in the forms and they were quite content.


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