Right leg wont support me

Another worry, My wife and I went out for lunch today, nothing unusual happened, we returned home, I sat in my chair for a while and on getting up my right leg collapsed under me. Six hours on its still doing it, I usually walk with a walking stick but I'm worried about falling so I'm using two for now. There is quite a lot of pain behind my knee, I think because I keep getting up to try it out again. Could this be related to my lower back problem (CMT) or perhaps my right replacement hip ? I live in America now, This will be expensive.

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  • Your not alone there, my right leg often gives way . I guess it's due to CMT.

    With regard to your walking stick, suggest you get a rollator for walking, it really makes a difference. I walk a lot better with one.

  • I have similar Ulrich, my right knee gives way exactly the same as my ankles do. I am going to be provided with a knee splint from the hospital when my appointment comes around. I also use a crutch now instead of a walking stick because I can't rely on my hands to hold a walking stick. Crutches by Ossenberg have a closed cuff, so it holds your upper arm and if your hand lets go you still have some support.

  • Thank you for you're replies, it is slightly less painful after a nights rest, I'll see what the weekend brings.

  • lets hope when youv had a rest your leg will be a lot better.so sorry for you.i have c.m.t.and both my leg s seem to fold up some times [just like my fingers] very frightening.saying that i make my self keep moving it hurt s like hell but i try not to give in cos i know if i do i won't be able to walk.do try to keep mobile .i know how hard it is. wishing you well . mo

  • Thanks, I'll give it a chance over the weekend, it worsened again during the day, I can't seem to sit still for long. All the best to you too.

  • That's a good question. .I fall alot..from just muscle weakness ..could possibly be from lower back problems. .I have herniated discs in my lower back. .it causes severe pain. .and my leg basically lock up and not move as I expect it to. .best wishes and hopefully you get it figured out and fixed. .what part of America you from now if I may ask?

  • Thanks James, I too have a lot of lower back pain. I fell a couple of days before this started but all my weight went on the other leg/hip. Maybe I will find something out today, I have an appointment this afternoon with a doctor. I was hoping to avoid it but its just not going away.

  • Why the hell , you went to America, you should have come to Australia mate ! with your right leg , best solution is to get a brand new chain saw and say good bye Charlie to your left leg, sorry i mean right leg. hey Ulrich do you think we are Doctors on this forum ? how the hell would we know ! Call Trump . bye

  • I don't want to go to Aussie because I might meet people like you.

  • People like me have a sense of humour , thats why we Aussies are the envy of the world !!!!!! Ulrich if you are having a bad time i am sorry ,but i am just like you mate ,living with CMT is not easy for all of us .

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