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Heart problems with CMT

Has anyone else been diagnosed with heart trouble with their cmt? I have been told I have a slightly enlarged heart. Just found out that Naproxin isn’t good for you if you have cmt and that can also cause heart trouble. I have been taking it for my shoulder after a bit of bone chipped off a few a few weeks ago.

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Hello to strawberryshortcake,

Mmm ! A very interesting question ?

Yes ! your heart indeed is a muscle in its self ?

Cmt in my opinion affect's all our body's muscle/groups ?

Lets asks the medical health professionals to

answer your comment:

John (Glasgow):


I have alot of heart problems. I'm carrying 2 different abnormal gene for cmt disease but I also have a third gene that related to heart issues, but my issues aren't all related to this gene . So it's a combination of genes for me


Hi I was just recently told that I have an enlarged right ventricle. So I wonder if it has to do with the CMT.


I also have heart issues, including pacemaker. I am told that CMT is probably not a direct cause, but as a result of. IDK? Like you, I wonder?


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