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Pain in side of knee

hi Everyone.

I have a fall at the weekend, and ended doing the splits (bit like when you move the legs of a doll each way) and really hurt my left leg/knee. I am getting pain on the outside of my leg level with my knee. I wear splits to walk (didn't have them on the time!) any ideas on what to do to ease the pain, as i can't wear them at the moment due to the problem with my knee, so I am scared I am going to fall again because I am so unsteady.

I have an interview for a new job tomorrow,so don't really want to turn up on crutches if possible.

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Hello KarenNic.....

Like yourself I have CMT 1A since birth, inherited from my father:

I also wear "toe to knee" orthotic splints daily, to assist me with support / stability / balance as my lower limb muscles have deteriorated, including the nerve signal velocity (speed), that are being sent via your Motor nerves (command-instruction) to the receiving muscle(s), all our nerves insulation's are wrapped in a substance called called myelin, it is defective, and "leaks", therefore your reduced strength of nerve signals to you receiving muscles causes them to waste:

Regarding your recent fall, you should have immediately gone to your nearest Accident & Emergency Unit to seek their help, and diagnosis of your pain: Tell the you have C.M.T.

but be patient with them as they run to the nearest NHS computer to "look-up" the disease, and its prognosis: Most Health Professionals will never have seen,or heard of C.M.T.

Many years ago I attended a outpatient sleep clinic, once the doctor discovered I had C.M.T. he asked if I would mind "hanging-on" for thirty minutes: In total four doctors specialising in other branches of medicine appeared, as all of them had never seen a case of C.M.T.

Best of luck to you ! Let us know if you got the job ?


I have a pain on the side of my right knee which can at times be soul destroying.I use " Pain Gone" which is a TNS ( Trans Cutaneous Nerve Stimulator.Check on Google for the manufacturer I also take anti-inflammatory tablets i.e.

declofenac and arcoxia


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