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non- slip shower/swim shoes for CMT feet ?

I have been attending an aquatic exercise class for some months, but more or less take my life in my hands every time I walk from the changing cubicle to the shower, and then to the water.

My crutch skids on the wet tiles, and my feet are apt to skid too, so I am looking for some anti-slip footwear I can wear on the tiles - and in the water (there's nowhere at the poolside to sit down and take them off/ put them on)

I bought some of those white shower shoes with a netting top and non-slip pimples on the soles, but although they are the right fit (a great achievement) the heel slips down and the shoes fall off after about 3 steps.

I went to a water-sports shop, and tried their neoprene socks with little octopus-suckers on the soles, as well as a pair of neoprene shoes with similar anti slip soles. But although both are quite stretchy, I simply couldn't fight my way into them - partly due to my super-high arches and partly my super-weak hands. I had the same problem with the non-slip rubber socks I bought at the pool. The opening at the top is far too small.

Are there any non slip shower/water shoes suitable for people with CMT feet - and hands ?

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Hi, I have a similar problem and have found that the shoes you would wear on a beach or coral are suitable. I found mine on eBay or Amazon under beach shoes. They are neoprene but mine have a Velcro fastening. I have very high arches and I can get them on. They are quite giving and stretchy. I swim in mine in the sea so can't see a problem in a pool. They have a proper sole so no slipping. Good luck


Dear Amanita,

I used to have neoprene swim shoes with rubber soles which were hard to get on to my feet, but stopped me slipping. They wore out and I couldn't find new ones but tried super cheap plastic crocs from our local discount supermarket and they and found that are great for swimming and hobbling. I add big rubber bands round my feet just in case they fall off in the water. I long since stopped worrying what I looked like!

Hope you find something to suit you so you can keep swimming,

Best wishes,

RE Green


Hi, I have the same problem and found that the best solution is just to wear socks . They stop all the slipping around the pool and dont have th e heavy drag that wearing swimming shoes do. In fact, most of my aqua class friends wear them as well now so we all look the same much easier to take off afterwards as well ;) hth?


Thank you so much for your replies, Shazza, R.E., and Baghead.

I have looked at millions of aqua/beach/swimming shoes online and there is a very a small number with velcro or laces, but you can't tell from the pictures how far down they open, or how grippy the sole is - and I feel a bit reluctant to keep buying stuff just to return it. My feet are super-wide, as well as having high arches and lumpy toes, so any shoes are a problem. (I now wear NHS ankle-boots).

My cheap imitation Crocs are quite uncomfy to walk in , and not all that slip-proof, but I shall treasure the image of you keeping them on with elastic bands, R.E. It shows resourcefulness.

On Tuesday, I shall try the super-low-tech socks solution, Baghead. I suppose any ordinary socks will do .. ? I had never thought of that, and it's so easy to try. I must say I didn't realise that swimming shoes would have a "heavy drag" effect. The water exercises are quite enough effort without that !

I'll let you know how I get on.


I think that my (ordinary, mostly cotton) socks do help a bit on the wet tiles, so thanks for the idea, Baghead ! I have been wearing them for the water exercise class for some time now.

At least they are fairly easy to put on - but they are pretty hard to get off when they are wet, though.


I have just found and bought some "aqua shoes" for £3.99 at Lidl's. They are lightweight with pimpled, grippy soles. They are stretchy enough to fit approximately, and the opening is big enough to get into and out of without a great struggle, - and they don't fall off while I'm exercising in the pool. Hooray !


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