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Socks for AFOs (available in the UK please)?

I have been wearing AFOs for a number of years now but still haven't solved the problem of what socks to wear.

So far I have been wearing cheap short manmade fibre "diabetic socks" which leave most of the skin of my lower legs in contact with the plastic, and thick, cotton, "long diabetic socks" (about £8 a pair) which don't even quite reach to the tops of my AFOs (and I have rather short legs), so they slide down and in summer they are very hot.

Socks are a big challenge to put on especially since my hip replacement which means I can no longer rest my R foot on my L knee. Yes I have certainly tried a couple of "aids" but can't even get the sock onto the devices to start with, on account of my CMT hands.

As I am waging constant war with Athlete's Foot, I need to put on clean socks every day so will need at least 8 pairs.

I have looked online at Smartknit socks (£34.99 a pair) and Sensory Smart tubular socks (@ £ 18.95 a pair, and in white only) They do seem to be rather pricey.

Have you found anything else?

The socks need to :

1. Be long enough to fold over the tops of the AFOs to prevent sliding down

2. Have soft tops (no tight elastic) and be very easy to put on

3. Have no seam across the toes

4. Be available in black

5. Be cool and non-sweaty in summer

6. Not cost too much as I need at least 8 pairs

Any suggestions?

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First do you have access to Amazon?


Thank you, Beachwine, yes, I think I could get stuff from Amazon , though I do prefer to deal with firms by telephone and speak to a real person! I have now searched Amazon for "seamless long socks", though and found Yomandamor "Diabetic over-the-calf" socks - not sure if long enough though... Is that what you were thinking of?


Socks can be a problem, I have here in Oz, found mens hike socks in cotton/wool/elastin blend ,but not sure if they would be over there (here in Target) aside from that this is how I keep athletes foot at bay, I use Tinaderm anti-tinea spray everyday after the shower, dry between the toes and then spray it on, I never get the darn tinea anymore, as for socks wish I could help but I have had constant struggles myself to find suitable ones tll now <3 hugs <3


Thank you, Granny Maz,

I Googled Target which I'd never heard of and see it is a US chain which has just started in the UK. Couldn't find any Men's Hike Socks that looked seamless, though.

I spray between clean toes daily with Daktarin (anti-athlete's foot spray) but know if I let a couple of days go by it would be right back. It would help if i could wear nice airy sandals in summer, but keep feet encased all day in my NHS leather ankle boots, which are designed to fit me and to hold my AFOs.


I have now received my Smartknit AFO socks - £19.70 a pair (£16.42 ex VAT) from a firm in UK called Seenin. You can order online or speak to a real person and order by telephone.

They are really comfy and Small Adult size is plenty big enough for my wide feet and long enough to fold generously over the tops of my AFOs


thats really good to know Amanita. Somewhere we should have a record of all helpful things for future use.


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