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recent operation

hi just have my latest operation at bournemouth general larst wednesday

it was a Right Cavus Correction (1) Subtalar Fusion (2) Osteotomy 1St ray (3) Ta Lengthening iv been told it will be 6 wks to 3 Months Non weight Barring

has any body had a simlar operation and what was the outcome iv had my left foot operated on in 2009 and one of the bones hasent fused propelly

thx iain

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I think I've had similar on both feet, although they didn't call it quite the same - it was a LONG time ago. Basically, the outcomes were pretty good - I had them done as a teenager, I'm 48 now, and although I did need triple arthrodesis a good few years later, and just recently, more surgery on my right ankle, I'm pretty sure the outcome was good.... it's a bit difficult to say after all this time!

Hope you're getting on OK - who did your surgery at Bournemouth?



thanks for that yes it was Mr Heath P taylor much better service than i got a southampton for the other foot



Glad it's sounding like it's all gone well x

Just have a good rest now, put your feet up with a nice cold beer (taking medications into account of course!!) :D


yes thx i am playing MW3 with a cold one but still gets a bit boring afer a few wks


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