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triple Fusion + achilles + dorsi-flexion osteotomy

Hi i had this operation done on my left foot in 2009 followed by a operation to straightion the straighton to claw toes been told by my consultant at bournemouth general that not all bones have fused propely and having the same operation on my right foot this coming wednesday.

my point is i applied for dla in 2009 is it worth applying again??

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It's always worth trying again... the emphasis should be on how CMT affects you day to day. What surgeries you've had will have no bearing on the decision.




Hear hear, Sam - yes, definitely apply again. Whatever happens, your issues with your surgery no doubt impacts on your ability to walk, and therefore you probably qualify for DLA. I'd like to say "definitely" qualify, but nothing is definite anymore with benefits. It's a hell of a process, but we can help with guidance to filling out the forms if you need it.



thanks karen ill keep that in mind



I would accept Karen help regarding the form filling, I was turned down on my first application, my doctor then wrote to DLA and it was turned around.


agreed x


i applied way back last april had all letters from doctor but i got turned down i was going to give up then but i sent a appeal against the decision and sent the letter from my nurologist and one from my othopaedic surgeon they sent me a letter back saying it would go to tribunual this febuary as i hadn't heard i rang to be told i'm still in the queue and it will probley be over a year before my case is heard its a bit of a shambles at the moment but i'm not giving up


Couldn't tell you about benefits but I had the same operation in 2008 and my bones didn't fuse, the screws came out and the rod up my tibia set up infection. Had it done again in 2010 with better success, but the bones still haven't fused. Is this more common than my surgeon led me to believe?


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