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Are YOU going to the CMT UK Conference in April?

I am! :D

The conference is on 21st April, at the Hilton Hotel in Coventry... Attendees can either attend on the day, or book through CMT UK for subsidised B&B accommodation.

Visit the CMT UK Website for info ... (you need to be a member to view, but membership is FREE for the first year)

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yep! I'll be there! Along with around 80 other members who are booked so far!



I would have hoped YOU would be ;-) lol ... the whole thing would fall apart without you!

80 so far... is that good for this stage? x


Cannot afford if and too far for me to drive now. Shame I dont know anyone from this area going and we could share driving and accommodation.


That is a shame Jackie x


Where are these meetings? I have never been to one..but would love to go!! and the CMT kids ones!!


Hi Zoe-Leanne.

They are held at the Hilton Hotel in Conventry.

The CMT Kids group goes to the Conference too (as well as having their own Kids Weekends) x


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