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Cmt Sufferers here in Scotland gets good news from the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Trust ?

You may be aware that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Hospital Trust have built, and opened a brand new "Super-Hospital" here in Govan in 'south-west' Glasgow, with a capacity of 1009 beds for 'in-patients', and is staffed by total of 10,000 NHS members: The main building is 14 storey's high:

Most unbelievably, this hospital also has 25 No. + Clinical Consultant Neurologists, on their current staff list(s): Recently they also announced that they have now created an exclusive specialist "outpatient-clinic" for sufferer's with Cmt Disease: The Clinical Consultant Neurologist Lead, is Doctor Katie Bremner, who is practising within the Institute of Neurological Sciences, which provides for neurology services in the West of Scotland:

NOTE: Scottish Cmt sufferers should remember, that all of Scotland's NHS Health Trusts, already have in place "Service's" agreement's to share, and exchange resources, and including "specialist" medical investigation services ?

Best of health to you all, John (Glasgow)

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That might be why I had my appointment brought forward from Jan 2017 to August 2016 (now that's a first).  However, my experiences with the health profession in all four countries in the UK are such that I'll reserve judgement on how well this will work!


Yes ! perhaps the NHS medical service in Scotland does have problems with keeping pace with the Scottish Governments target(s) that, all patients referred should be seen within 12 weeks : However, remember that Cmt is not considered as a "high-priority", as it's "NOT" considered a life threatening neurological disease :

The information given was as an option, and to alert, plus inform the many Cmt sufferers, who not live within Greater Glasgow and Clyde Medical boundry's !

Best of health to all...... John (Glasgow)

Ps....Parents: Also attached to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is the brand new Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, (Old Yorkhill) which have Clinical Consultants Paediatric Neurologists, on their staff who know and specialise in children up to the age of 16 years : They all know Cmt very well !


Aaah, I wonder whether this is the reason why my wonderful neurologist has left this area and gone to Glasgow....

I shall be seen in future by a new registrar.  At least she is apparently interested in inherited neurological diseases.


Hello to Amanita .....                                                                                             Always remember ? If you want the "best",                                                         you 'gotta' head west ? (of Scotland that is) >>>

Best of health,                                                                                                         John (Glasgow) ......


Where I am from in small rural area in Ontario Canada good luck finding a doctor that even knows or understands CMT they have a general idea at best but I will say the younger doctors that are now practising seem to know more than ones from 10 or12 years ago so......


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