Advice and comments requested ?

Hello to all my fellow Cmt sufferers in the UK :

Does any 'Health-Unlocked' member have any advice, or experience,

on how effective is the REVITIVE Circulation Booster, or an equivalent device ?

This device uses, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) ,

where small electrical impulses are delivered to the affected lower limbs,

area of your body, which you will feel as a tingling sensation :

It is claimed that using this TENS machine will improve your blood

circulation to your feet, and also to your calf muscles !

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  • I use TENS regularly with very encouraging results...a machine I recently purchased also uses EMS technology and I am less sure about that.

    But TENS, for me, is a proven technology and brings relief in many different areas...I don't claim to know how or why it works...but it does.

  • Hello to 'Forester',

    Thanks for your reply :

    I am going to order a Circulation Booster from a company that offers me a one month trial period, and will refund my purchase price "No-Quibble", if this "tens" device does not improve my feet / lower legs circulation :

    Best of health......

    John (Glasgow)

  • I used one regularly for a few months and I did not really notice any difference one way or the other.

    A word of warning. If, like me, your feet are very numb ( I cant really fell anything ) DO NOT turn the machine up too far. You can actually cause nerve damage because you cannot feel the tingling even though the electricity is still passing through your body.

  • Philcam......

    Thanks for your reply :

    Like yourself, my feet are almost numb, especially my body's lelt hands side:

    My muscle wasting, and weakness is also less strong on my left side :

    I also have Diabetes Type 2, which further conflicts with my inherited CMT Disease :

    Best of health......

    John (Glasgow)

  • I am also type 2 diabetic and am simiiarly suffering the double whammy. Oddly enough my left hand side is also suffering more than the left ( I am left handed too ).

    Any way best of luck to you

  • Hi John, I have just been given this machine. The sensation or should I say lack of sensation was different in either leg. Phicam has a point though, so don't know how far to turn it up. Any suggestions?

  • Hi John,

    Have you tried out the Revitive Circulation Booster now? I came across it a couple of days ago... On paper, it looks like it might work well for me.

    Thanks (again!),


  • Hello to Ros.....

    Whilst I was attending a very busy 'Flu-Vacine-Clinic' recently I raised ths subject with my "Cmt-Smart" G.P. Despite him being very busy, he said he would contact the 'Cardologist who performed the insertion of a 'drug-alluding-stent' last year, and phone me with his professional opinion:

    True to his word my G.P. phoned me at home a few days later, with this Cardiologists advice?

    >John, it would be best practice to avoid the use of devices that may interfere with my previously my previous diagnosed heart condition called "Atrial-Fibrillation" (AF) which leads to an abnormal electrical rhythm, or "quivering" of your hearts chamber: My AF has been normal for years, due daily ongoing drug therapy:

    >My G.P. also had looked back my previous medical history, and reminded me also of my poor reaction, and response to "Magnetic-Bracelets", which I was "swayed-into" buying after believing their adverts, that magnets can cure "ALL" ailments ?

    >So of we go once again, as all we Cmt sufferers, contine onwards to seek out the "holy-grain":

    Best of Health......

    John (Glasgow)

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