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5 reasons why sober sex beats drunken sex, hands down

5 reasons why sober sex beats drunken sex, hands down

Club Soda expert member Harriet Waley-Cohen tackles one of the big issues you will have to face when you quit drinking alcohol: Sober Sex. Harriet is a health & wellbeing coach, empowering people to become the healthiest, happiest, most confident version of themselves through coaching, talks, workshops and retreats. Harriet also co-runs a group called Fantasies & Realities, which meets monthly in London for women to discuss and embrace all aspects of sexuality, and Harriet is also regular speaker at the Killing Kittens BookKlub and at Skirt Club.

When I first stopped drinking, many things that a drink (or five!) had made easy suddenly seemed like they would now be challenging at best, and impossible at worst. I hadn’t even known it consciously, but a few drinks, and then a few more, had made so many things apparently far better, and others became tolerable. I’m talking dates, work drinks, difficult days, airports, holidays, celebrations, weddings, catching up with an old friend, nights out and nights in.

My coping strategy when I first stopped was pretty drastic. Avoid. Do not contemplate for even a second. I guarded my sobriety fiercely, but I was also pretty terrified and rather than look for a way to get through something without a drink, for several months I just opted out.

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