Club Soda

2nd weekend, sober

Lots of temptations this weekend, but I decided to enjoy the situations without drink .... Who needs alcohol? And that's the point really it's like smoking or eating rubbish, it's your own personal choice wither you do or not! Be straight and honest with yourself about your drinking, do you drink too much? Does your drinking make you feel sick, unhappy and depressed? Do you put yourself in danger by drinking? Do you just have one and stop? Do you have one drink then water in between? Can you take a whole day, week, month, year without drinking? You need to address why and how you drink to be able to help yourself ... If you have a problem with alcohol you need to seek professional help threw AA or your GP, if you're a moderate drinker and just want to cut down or stop to be healthier then all you need to say is no thank you or I'll have an non alcoholic beverage instd and be accountable for your drinking habits and achieve your drinking goals you've set in place. Good luck everyone ✌️