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First weekend ... Alcohol free!!

As I'm a full time mum I choose not to spend my time at the weekends out on the town drinking but I do enjoy a drink in the house once a week, every week, so for the interest of being healthier I'm cutting out this indulgence too, I've already stopped smoking and feel that stopping drinking would enhance my life and health futhur, plus on a few occasions it has made me feel abit depressed, and no one likes a sad drunk 😔 ... So my first Friday drink free (I don't drink Saturday nights as I like to get out on a Sunday morning for a run - hangover jogging is way too hard if not impossible 😊) .... I did wake up this morning feeling good with no hangover but a little like I've missed out on something, I'm sure after a few weekends alcohol free this feeling will subside! So roll on the following alcohol free weekends, yay!!

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I dont smoke but doo drink far too much as you say it depresses me too, this weekend I'm out I hope I can resist the booze as friday we all meet in the local pub plus saturday we're off to a night club a friends b/day I really hope I can say NO and mean it, we will see


Why not drive to the venue that way you definitely will not drink, there are so many cool non alcoholic beverages and to be honest onceall your friends have had a few they don't even notice that your not drinking, so you don't really feel out of place, can just have a laugh without the hangover 😊 good luck for the wkend !