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Resisting the Christmas spirits

The holiday season is here again, and while the twinkling fairy lights may get us in the Christmas spirit, December is also chock full of challenges when it comes to sticking to your health goals, whether it’s cutting back the calories or drinking less.

Lots of us think there are only two options at this time of year: either lock yourself away and hide from all the holiday parties or just give in and allow yourself to overindulge in the name of Christmas.

Our expert, chef and nutritional therapist Samantha Waterhouse shows us an alternative route, one that’s all about balance and moderation to keep you from packing on the extra Christmas calories or having a few drinks too many during the seasonal festivities in her Club Soda Post (

I think everyone (myself included) has faced the temptation of having “just one more” glass of fizz or “one last” slice of Christmas cake, but Sam gives the kind of practical, down-to-earth tips we could all use to help us stay on a healthier path.

Sam's top three tips:

Add a mixer

Eat first

Abstain completely

The BBC's top three tips:

Get a good breakfast

Stay hydrated

Snack healthily before pitching up

Thoughts from down under:

Eat lighter the rest of the day

Keep moving

Say no to some parties (I am not sure if we believe that Australians ever say no to a party!)



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Just managed 4 days abstaining and a Chrostmas lunch on a sparkling water with lime....! I did have a few drinks with family over the weekend but feel so good about holding back on the other occasions I didn't beat myself up for having one night of 'normal' drinking pattern..... Yes I agree Christmas is difficult and probably not the best time to change your drinking habits, oh but I do love a challenge!


A blog I read struck a chord with me this week. I realised I was still the rebel I always was, and in fact more so because I have controlled my drinking.

The blog said "As time has gone on, I have rediscovered my ‘inner rebel’ as I now recognise that by not drinking, I am acting in an unconventional manner with far greater magnitude than I did previously. As a drinker, I was merely yet another person who regularly numbed her senses with alcohol"

As drinking tonnes is the norm for December I if not drinking is your own personal act of rebellion?


Excellent way to think of my non drinking days......still allowing myself to be another boring normal person and drink socially at the weekends!