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An insight into how the financial market sees the development of new CLL drugs

An insight into how the financial market sees the development of new CLL drugs

AbbVie developed a novel BCL-2 inhibitor drug named ABT-263 for treating CLL, then used the knowledge gained from phase I trials to develop the improved drug ABT-199. Trials were suspended this month when two patients unfortunately died from Tumor Lysis Syndrome:

It's interesting to read that this company has one drug delivering over half of the company's income and they need another to reduce business risk.

How desperate a company might be for a new income stream isn't something that is likely to be high in the thoughts of those entering trials. Thankfully we do have in place appropriate processes to minimise the risk to patients entering trials and to ensure that a safe dose and delivery protocol, etc, are determined by running them. While it is very disappointing that two CLL patients died from TLS during the ABT-199 trials, the company has acted with appropriate caution despite the likely financial impact. Hopefully the company will be able to successful complete the approval process for ABT-199 as planned and benefit the company shareholders while providing those of us needing treatment with a hopefully better and safer alternative to currently available options.

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Hi I was in a trial. I felt I was given as much information as possible and was please with the care and treatment I received. It will not be untill years to come whether its been effective or not. Its always the risk you take.


Having a large percentage of a company income from one source is a bad place to be for them. I''ve seen the effect on share price of a company where 60% of their income came from purchases by three big companies. Two of those stopped or nearly stopped purchases for a quarter. Big impact on bttom line ad 30% off share price not good.

The message for us... The companies need to research AND deliver new drugs it be healthy themselves. Let's all hope they stay healthy. :-)



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