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Does any cll patient feel that stress adds to their general demise??

Three years ago my husband and I spent 10 days cleaning our daughter's house following a severe house fire, builders in to restore (that took a year), our son-in-law developed melanoma during the year re-build. We carried out an extensive house-clean, installed new furniture etc., for their return to their home, our son-in-law was home 4 days when he died. Within another week my husband's lymph glands in his neck were very enlarged and he was quite unwell. He subsequently had to have 6 months of high-dose prednisilone (he has p17- deletion), as a result he suffered 4 fractured vertebrae. Given the above info......... we are considering moving house to be nearer the cll centre of excellence, i.e. Bexley Wing St James Leeds knowing that the cll will probably rear its ugly head again. I am concerned that the sheer stress of selling/moving might reduce my husband's fragile state just now and necessitate more aggressive treatment. He currently has ivig every 28 days, and has nebulised colomycin for haemophyllus influenza which he developed whilst we did the major house clean.In the long term, I feel to be nearer the hospital would be very beneficial, but in the short-term I am concerned the move might enhance the need for more treatment.......... any thoughts anybody??

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My, you and your family have had a rough time since helping your daughter three years ago!

There's no doubt reducing stress helps your immune system and that has to pay major dividends for a cancer of the immune system. I've certainly felt reducing stress has helped me. As you observe, the difficulty is getting into a lower stress situation without increasing stress and moving IS stressful. I don't envy you in the decision making process and while it may be reassuring to move closer to where you'll get good treatment for your husband, carefully consider what you will be leaving behind; an established support network, familiarity with your current environment and so on. Draw up a list of the pros and cons to help you decide. Whatever you decide in the end, just going through the process will hopefully help you feel more in control and thereby less stressed.

Wishing you and yours better health,



thankyou very much Neil, very constructive and helpful.


It is said, formaldehyde /methanal in some new furniture might be the cause of CLL!


Hi Have you considered renting a small place while keeping you current home. It may be expensive but perhaps a better option at least in the short term. Or rent out your current home and rent closer to hospital.


Thankyou, yes I have rented in the past, I found it quite stressful myself, living out of a suitcase, too-ing and fro-ing every day and usually uncomfortable beds. We normally stay in an hotel every 28 days as it is following ivig. It is the long-term I am considering. We live in a remote area, we get snowed in at the drop of a hat. We are 3 miles from a shop and 72 miles from the hospital we like. I appreciate your comments, thankyou


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