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My wife and I both got covid

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Being very careful, wearing masks all the time except a few times when we went out to eat and took off only to eat. Sadly we got covid. I called my Specialist's office and was prescribed Paxlovid. Had to stop my Calquence for the 5 days while taking paxlovid and was taking 5mg Eliquis that they reduced to half (2.5mg) for the 5 days. Started last night. We were both boosted and I had evusheld. My wife is sick but seems to be getting a little better . She tested positive 2 days before me. After 2 doses of paxlovid, I am feeling a little better. We are sleeping in different bedrooms and using different bathrooms. Wearing masks if we go in the same room at times. We are doing the best we can do to get through this. Just another challenge to overcome with CLL and covid.


31 Replies
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I am so sorry you both ran into Covid head-on. I admit I went out to dinner and danced on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. So your experience could have been mine.

I hope your bout with Covid ends soon.

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Bill1288 in reply to CycleWonder

Thank you. Appreciate your kind words.


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samuela5 in reply to Bill1288

so sorry to hear that, so easy to pick it up despite all the precautions we take.

very best wishes and get well soon.

Vitamin C may help as well.

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Bill1288 in reply to samuela5

Thank you. Will do on vitamin C.


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Bill, I hope that you both recover quickly and get back to good health. With all of the new variants out there I am expecting to catch COVID one of these days too. Hopefully it won't be too bad since they seem to be getting weaker and weaker.


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Bill1288 in reply to noeagaman

Chris: Thank you. I guess you can never be too careful. Appreciate your kind words.


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Sorry to read this Bill, hope it's only a bump in the road for you.

Peace, Jammin'

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Bill1288 in reply to Jammin_Me

Yes. Us also. Thanks for kind words.


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Hi Bill,

My husband I got it too in October. I had been super careful this whole time and threw caution to the wind(a little) and as soon as I did we got it. It proved to me that masks work but I'm beginning to think we can't avoid it no matter how hard we try if we want to have any kind of life.

My hubby and I got through it quite well with treatment. I hope the same is for you and your wife. Sending healing wishes to you both.

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Bill1288 in reply to Thundercat2

Thundercat2: Yes, we thought we were being careful. Not careful enough. Thought we would be ok as we were well vaccinated and boostered. Turned out not to be the case. Thank you for your good wishes.


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I hope you both feel better very quickly.

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Bill1288 in reply to Ghounds

Thank You. Hoping for the best.


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Hi Bill,

Sorry you and your wife caught COVID and hope you both have a quick and uneventful recovery.

My husband caught COVID a couple of weeks ago and then I developed it shortly thereafter. We did the same thing - kept separate. My husband was prescribed Paxlovid the same day he had symptoms. I wasn't. Fortunately, both of us managed with minimal symptoms - some congestion, periodic sneezing - if it wasn't related to COVID, we wouldn't have thought twice about it.

One thing I find frustrating is that it is hard to compare one's experience with someone else because whether one has been vaccinated and how many times they have had boosters can vary.

We're kind of happy we got it over with and hope it is true that by having COVID and the vaccination/boosters, we now have a super duper immunity - at least for now. Fingers crossed!


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Bill1288 in reply to Mystic75

Thank you. You are right. Everyone's experience is different. I have learned that with my CLL. Also hopefully you are right about more immunity after getting covid. Thanks for your good wishes. This is just another challenge for us in dealing with CLL and now Covid. Will be doing our best to recover.


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feel better fast, both of you-keep us in the loop

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Bill1288 in reply to TD1234

Thank You. Will do. Hoping for the best.

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my husband and I, we’re royalty you know, we also have been extremely careful but let our guard down at the weekend he has been put on Paxlovid & ritonavir he has had to stop his statins and salazoppyrin for the five days plus 3,. His immune system is rubbish because of RA

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Bill1288 in reply to Nanny_Sue

RA: Sorry to hear about your husband. Yes. We are all so careful and just have to let our guard down a little and covid sneaks in. Sad. Hope he recovers soon.


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Read that Calquence makes you more liable to infection and sure enough got Covid. Hospital couriered me immunosuppressants within 2 days. Has the effects of a bad cold and it is taking a long time to shake off. Masks at all times now

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Bill1288 in reply to Nucleusman

Hope you get better soon. What is sad is we wear our masks 95% of the time and the 5% we didn't we get covid. Sure is a challenge.


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OaktownA in reply to Nucleusman

can you say more about Calquence and being more prone to infection? And also, what we’re the immunosuppressants and we’re they specifically for Covid?

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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to OaktownA

All CLL treatments unfortunately depress the immune system at least two ways and Calquence is no exception.

1) All currently approved CLL treatments can't differentiate that well between healthy B lymphocytes - the ones that make antibodies and CLL B lymphocytes. So every CLL treatment reduces your ability to make antibodies to protect against infection, both in fighting it and in protecting you against reinfection. That's why it is so important to get up to date with vaccinations before treatment.

2) All CLL treatments can suppress bone marrow production, which includes what in a healthy person, makes up about two thirds of our protective white blood cell population; neutrophils. These first responders to infections protect us sacrificially. They swallow and kill bacteria until they can do no more and die. Pus in wounds is basically made up of dead neutrophils filled with dead bacteria. So to stay healthy, our bone marrow needs to replace billions of neutrophils daily.

For more information on this topic, see:


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Hope you both feel better soon

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Bill1288 in reply to ksteinberglewis

Thank You!


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Sorry to hear this. Please remember, if you can swap out pillowcases and air out or swap the top blanket, and soapy wipe off things like toilet and faucet handles, the chances of self reinfection decrease. Thus one can recover faster. The same priniciple applies to the common cold and influenza, and other infectious respiratory illness. We breathe onto our bedding and potentially can pick up any virus shed (especially a pillowcase IMO). Even turning a pillow over daily, should help. At a minimum, any phone or tablet used a lot while lying around, should get wiped off daily.

I personally experienced this concept a few years ago. My partner was visiting his dad, and his sister was there. Dad had a really awful cold (could have been Covid, but they didn't test, this was early 2020).He was coughing & sneezing out into the open, and no one was taking care to clean anything. After mmm3 weeks? of them all being ill, I asked him to come back as soon as he could drive. He was worried about infecting me, but I already had been using room air cleaners/sanitizers for years and we had recently installed a whole house HVAC air sanitizer system. So he came back. Between the air sanitizers and me doing the pillowcase swap, wiping stuff, using different bathrooms, I never caught what he did. We slept in the same king size bed with our backs to each other (he wasn't coughing/sneezing, just congested and felt weak & sick). He recovered a good 10 days before his sister, who had flown home while still sick and has some lingering Long Covid symptoms.

Testing was done on various surfaces, in cities with various humidity, and getting the virus dried out, impacted transmission rate. So swapping the pillowcases and airing the bedding appear to have a high impact, since the virus lives longer on cotton and wool.

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Bill1288 in reply to SofiaDeo

Sofiadeo: Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. We have been changing our pillow cases but not top blanket. And will wipe down our phones and tablets daily. I really appreciate your feedback. They will definitely help us.


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I’m sorry to hear about getting CoVid despite all your precautions

Then just one slip, I hope you recover soon!!!

Prayers and love headed your way.

My brother and his family have a similar just one slip experience with CoVid

I’m torn

Keep up all the strict precautions or take a few risks with family and hope for the best if I get Covid

God bless

Ski pro

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Bill1288 in reply to skipro

Skipro: Thank you for good wishes and prayers. We don't know where we exactly got it, but only place we non masked was a few restaurants? But could have got it anywhere. Masks state 95% - so 5% not protected? Good luck with with family. Hope you stay covid free.


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Cakquence has a long list of potential side effects and if you believe them all you would not take this marvellouse drug forCLL. One of these is the possibility of other infections so I guess my recent bout of Covid is evidence of this although I really cant remember being in unmasked contact with many people. I got from the hospital Molnupiravir (Lagevrio) to stop the potential bad effects of Covid. God knows if they worked or indeed if I didnt take them what state I would have been in. I am now clear of Covid but it has taken almost 2 weeks to cease the coughing and catarhh. Hope that helps

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Sending well wishes your way, Bill. May you both have an easy course.

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Bill1288 in reply to Astro617

Thank you,


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