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Recovering from Covid

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Some good news- I was diagnosed with CLL in 2012. I am currently on second line treatment - Ibrutinib for one year A month ago I tested positive for Covid. Needless to say its been a struggle but I am happy to report that today I tested Negative. I still have symptoms and I am sure it will take awhile to fully recover. I would welcome any advice I wanted to share this so people know there is hope.

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Great news, thanks for sharing!

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Relieved to hear this and hope you go from strength to strength. It gives others hope.


Hi well done, thank for providing us with hope. I hope you fully recover soon.Ann

Goods news that, and thanks for sharing

Thank you for that encouraging news! Hope the rest of your recovery moves along quickly. 👍

As others have said thanks for sharing. I'm sure it gives us all hope to hear of a fellow cller who has beat covid. As for what to do next I Have no idea. I'm sure after the past 18 months there must be some positive thoughts having faced it and did better than you may have hoped. Enjoy that feeling and I would say take your time, rest up and listen to your body. Best wishes for continued recovery.

I’m so happy that you’re feeling better and testing negative. Do you have any idea where you picked it up?

Thank you. No I have no idea. I am so careful. I could not believe it. I have given up trying to work it out.

I am so happy for you, Paidraigin21, and thank you so much for posting. All the best to you for a continued and full recovery.D. xo

Thanks for sharing! This definitely gives us hope. Best wishes for you to fully recover! 👍🏽


So pleased you got a negative test, was that with a PCR test or lateral flow? 6 weeks on I am still testing positive with PCR

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Thank you. It was LF test. I did not think I could get a PCR test within 6 weeks of testing positive.

Everyone else has already said, it’s so good to hear this. I hope you soon get rid of the remaining symptoms, please let us know how you get on.Cx

How did they treat you? Were you vaccinated?

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Paidraigin21 in reply to LeoPa

Just taking paracetamol- 8 a day A nurse rang me every day to monitor my breathing levels and symptoms and making sure I had plenty of rest and drank lots of water. They were really good.

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LeoPa in reply to Paidraigin21

No monoclonal cocktails? Were you vaccinated?

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Paidraigin21 in reply to LeoPa

Yes I was double vaccinated with the AZ vaccine.

After your vaccines did you have any side effects?

After the first I had usual sore arm and felt a bit rough for a couple of days. It was the same after the second except I had a red hot area about the size of an orange at the top of my arm for about 5 days. To be honest I have a much worse reaction to the flu jab.

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LeoPa in reply to Paidraigin21

Thank you,that's great! Who knows what could have happened. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

That is awful and at the same time hopeful. Are you just weak or are you phyically affected with walking etc. In the past if I had a bug it took me longer than others to get back to normal. Need to rest and let your body recover. You might need to stretch and move a bit if your muscles are weak. Were you vaccinated because you were lucky to avoid going in to hospital. Anne uk

I wanted it to be a hopeful message. I know lots of us were fearful even after being double vaccinated and concerned we did not have protection I am weak and very tired but on the road to recovery.

I imagined I would be in hospital if I caught it. You have given me real hope! Anne uk

Hi. Great you got by with straggling symptoms. I'm on Imbruvica since '18. Tested COVID positive in Dec. Got the Lilly new non-cocktail infusion. Mid-Jan. in hospital with severe COVID pneumonia, fog. Bottom line is, even with all these "grand openings", we CLLers. need to still continue to protect ourselves.

Hi Paidraigin21, I'm so glad you're on the road to recovery! Such great news. The fact that you were double vaccinated with the AZ is important data for all of us here. Recent reports that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine is waning makes many of us wonder how long our vaccines will hold up (and that's if they work on us at all). Research so far shows that CLL patients on Ibrutinib are not showing antibodies. As a vaccinated breakthrough case, all eyes are on you.

Would you mind letting us know how long ago you received your AZ shots? And if you're comfortable sharing this info, you might consider editing your post at the top of this thread to include your vax status.

Thank you again for sharing your story!

So very glad to hear you are feeling better!! Thank you for sharing too! Big hugs 😀

Very happy you are recovering, Long may it continue.

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