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The price of freedom?

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Firstly I am in NI so it's by no means certain we will follow the easements taken in England, despite the new health Secretary expressing a desire for all nations to move as one. I hope not.

I do understand that the majority of people will be OK, I do accept I may not be. Life is a lottery. I came across this article earlier which puts an estimate at 500 000 on the number of those within the CEV group for whom vaccines may not work. I would hope if I catch it, if you catch it, it will be survivable. It seems we all have to enter the arena and face it now, that's how it feels. 1/2 million people with uncertain outcomes gives great potential for great sorrow. Once again UK gov is upbeat as they were last summer and last Christmas. I just hope we get lucky this time, but it's by no means certain. Perhaps the worst is still to come. It can't be good to have lots of virus exposed to and circulating among vaccinated people, won't a new vaccine escapable variant emerge, it must be possible. I hope not but this is evolution in real time, survival of the fittest be they people or virii.

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Well put. I live in England and like you I have serious reservations about opening up. This was compounded last week when I saw my consultant who asked me to postpone treatment till August as they were expecting a significant increase in cases post 19th July. She also stated they now had data confirming that people like me who have CLL and been treated the maximum resistance I would have will be 15 percent after 2 jabs. Hence postponing. Good luck and stay safe.

I totally agree with you, Belfastbees. This so called freedom day fills me with horrors. But as a citizen of Wales, I am hoping that our Senedd members will agree to a more cautious approach and will not ease the use of facemask regulations.

It is only since I have received my second vaccine and paid for an antibody test that I have felt safer and ventured into shops and enjoyed meeting up with family and friends, (outdoors only!)

As you say, this is evolution in real time and the fittest will survive but we CEVs are not fit so will have to remain ultra cautious to survive.

I am 80 years old and apart from this wretched CLL in relatively good shape (thanks to Venetoclax and my caring medical team) and enjoy my regular 25 mile cycle rides, walks and gardening. I'd like to carry on doing these things for as long as I can without the spectre of covid variants being spread throughout the community because of a lack of basic hygienic precautions.

Please Mr Drakeford, continue your cautious approach to this pandemic and think of us extremely vulnerable people in your deliberations.

Good wishes to all. Jeff

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I am waiting on the arrival of my test kit which will be a sombre occasion. I did react to both shots of AZ but my last one was on St Patrick's day (for heathens here that's 17 March) so will await my result with interest.

Our executive meet on Thursday to discuss and it's likely to be heated the deputy first minister has already labelled bojos move as reckless.

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Interesting. I will follow news of the executive meeting with interest.

Perfectly put. My feelings summed up for me. It is dreadful that we can't trust the reasons for this or indeed our own government.

This way it will be over much faster though, right? Pretty soon everybody susceptible will get infected and either make it or not. In my place only 35% of the population is vaccinated. This will be like watching it unfold here from the front row for me. But as of now we are at a low point in infections and nobody really knows why. One thing I noticed is that even though respirators are no longer mandatory in inner spaces, lots of folks still wear them. Looks like we finally learned how to stay safe irrespective of what others do.

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In the UK I Think there are around 500 000 folks immuno compromised or suppressed. That's folks like us. That's a big pool of hurt potentially.

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Yes. That would be 40K here. I hope they are all vaccinated.

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I'd say most are vaccinated but it's unknown how well that protects such folks. It has been openly stated it is an experiment, and the world watches with interest. The data will show, in the fullness of time, how many people with which defect were thrown under the bus.

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Yes, and we can watch it from close up. Interesting times. Life's great! Now please let's make sure we are not one of those who don't make it. Keep on being cautious.

Well-written. 👏👏👏

Belfastbees, a somber truth that you expressed with wishes for a better outcome for all. You said it from your heart. 🙏Sandra🙂

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I have become fatalistic about life, but I see that as a positive thing. Every day is a bonus and it is up to us to deal with it. A little publicity from gov or media would be welcome.