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LLS Antibody Testing/No Labs available

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I signed up on the LLS site to have blood drawn for the Antibody tests. However, there were no LabCorp Labs that showed up within a 100 mile radius. I live near Duluth, MN which is about 140 miles from the Minneapolis/St Paul area and I would suspect there are LapCorp Labs in that large metro area. I would completely be willing to drive there to have this done but it won't give the option past 100 miles. Has anyone else run into this? Is there a way around that on the site? Should I contact LLS and ask maybe? Just wondered if anyone else encountered this before I do. Thank you!

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If you cannot change the 100 mi. option, it would be a very good idea, as you suggest, to ask the questions of LLS. Interesting that they limit the miles, but I would assume either they have a contract with some LabCorps? or they were not wanting to put too much on CLLers in regard to it being distant?

Good luck

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Cgolen99 in reply to cllady01

Yes, I was guessing they were thinking people wouldn't want to travel more than that, but going to "the cities" as we say up north, is really no big deal. Thank you!

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I suggest you call this site, and see if they can run the T-spike COVID test. LabCorp - LABCORP

6545 FRANCE AVE S STE 641, EDINA, MN 55435.

LabCorp - LABCORP Phone Number(952) 926-0271

Awesome, thanks I will!

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Pin57 in reply to Cgolen99

If Len’s excellent LabCorp research (he is awesome source of info BTW) for you comes up short.... try email LLS at:


They will respond to questions about the LLS study! I’m 4 for 4 on replies from them, pretty impressed given it’s a big study n lots of folks are asking questions. Yours is a good one. Hope you find a lab. Good luck 🍀 towards your results !

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Cgolen99 in reply to Pin57

OK great, thank you!!

I took this test at home t-detect.com you can order it yourself online. It’s expensive but they send a Phlebotomost to the house too. My T cell was positive but antibodies on the labcorp test was low 3.5. That’s almost nothing other people have over 1,000.

I suggest Google mobile phlebotomy services in your area or you can call Labcorps main number and they can probably recommend a service. You can sit outside in a lawn chair and get your blood drawn. There is an out of pocket change usually ranges from $50 to $80.

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Cgolen99 in reply to doccapUSA

Ok great! Thanks for the info!

Contact LLS. All of these foundations have people working in them. Someone is running that program. Contact those people and explain your problem. They might be able to provide you with a lab slip from a substitute lab, or direct you to a LabCorp outside of that limitation. They are running the study, they want the information.

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Cgolen99 in reply to Billhere

Thank you!

Howdy Cgolen99, Yes, contact LLS. They were great at replying to an email I sent them. A man from the actual lab called me on a Saturday.

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Cgolen99 in reply to louie48

Thanks, yes I did start with them and they gave me info on where to call and get this taken care of. they were super helpful!

You could google LabCorp and find the locations nearest you. Then call them to see if they are participating in the study and if your lab order will work at their lab. I'm going to have to drive a little over 60 miles for my test on Tuesday.


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