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As well as taking Vitamin D3 should we be taking a supplement zinc?


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Thank you for a very interesting and informative video. I've been taking vitamins D3 and Zinc ( the actual ones you showed in the video actually!) for about 3 years now prior to my CLL diagnosis in July this year and have continued to do so. I have to say I rarely caught a cold during this time and convinced myself it was due to these supplements. Having watched the video I am even more convinced now!I will continue taking them as I don't suppose they can do any harm can they now I have CLL?



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sun_flower in reply to Cfar

What strength zinc do you take?

Interesting video. Looking at the list of foods with high zinc levels is instructive. I should be safe 😊. But will remember that the levels be checked during a blood draw next time.

Fascinating and easy to understand.Thank you for posting. Beans on toast tomorrow


So what strength is best? thankyou its interesting, l already knew about zinc in my previous life l was a pharmacy technician but am now thinking l should start taking them.

What are the Vitamin D3 and Zinc doses provided to UK seniors free-of-charge?

Really great and interesting video and very easy to understand. I read somewhere that taking zinc lozenges instead of the pills, helps in repelling the virus upon entering our system. So, I did order some off of Amazon and have been taking it along with Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C lozenges. (I have trouble taking large pills due to an esophageal stricture.) However, interesting enough, my eyes have gotten very puffy since taking them, so I don’t know if I’m allergic to one of these supplements or whether it is something else.

Thank you Zaax, this is very interesting. I started taking Vit D in the last couple of weeks, so will look for zinc tablets as well now.

Hi Zaax, I be just come across this quote from the ZOE study led by Dr Tim Spector.

'We found that multivitamins, vitamin D, omega-3, and probiotic supplements all had a small protective effect against testing positive for the virus,” she says. “By contrast, we saw no protective effect at all for the other supplements we looked at like vitamin C, garlic, and zinc.”'

now I am totally confused. Good or bad? Toss a coin I think.

Chris (puzzled!).

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An interesting post on the subject was posted by @70s-80s-overlander yesterday;



Hello zaax

I do not take any supplements without being tested and/or consult with my CLL Specialist. Just because something is hyped on media does not mean it is acceptable for people with CLL. Self medication can also lead to "If a little works, then a whole lot works even better". Blessings.

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