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UK Webinar - Corona-virus and CLL - video now available

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On the 8th March Leukaemia Care, CLL Support and many CLL patients were joined in a webinar by Professor Chris Fegan, consultant haematologist at University Hospital Wales and R & D Director The School of Medicine at Cardiff University.

The webinat looks to help to clarify UK guidance for CLL patients and what they should expect and be doing to protect themselves during the pandemic

Professor Fegan discussed potential changes to the UK care of CLL patients during the coronavirus pandemic, and provide advice on coping with CLL at this time.

Video of the webinar

5 Replies

A very informative video. Thankyou.

Really great. Many thanks to all.

Peggy 😀

Good stuff, reassuring that my wife and I have been doing the right thing.

Thanks for posting.

Beautiful! Thank you! 6 meters distance, I have to reconsider some here.......

Very good up date on how to think right now about possible treatment for me. First have at least a week of shielding to feel relatively safe, after five days of hospital ward treatment......

Thanks Nick, a very useful session and it's nice to see you again if only on the corner of the screen. I hope you are keeping reasonably well and not finding the self-isolation too difficult. The dog must help. Stay safe.


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