Encouraging The Conversation

Encouraging The Conversation

Interview with Nicole Lamanna, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine Columbia University Medical Center

Esther Schorr, care partner and patient advocate, interviews Dr. Lamanna about how patients can best interact with their health care professionals to get the best treatment they deserve. The pair then discuss what the best approach for patients who do not live near a CLL specialist, such as Dr. Lamanna. Check out the full video link below to hear from a CLL specialist.


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  • Could not access this.

  • Try again. Worked when I checked it :)

  • AussieNeil

    It just says ccouldn't establish secure location. Tried a few times now.

    Thanks sue

  • The Poweful Patients site uses encryption ( https: ) for access and I think your error message may have been 'Unable to establish a secure connection? If so, the could be using an out of date certificate to verify the site is trusted. That can only be fixed by the Poweful Patients site administrator updating the certificate.

    I've used three of browsers on a PC and Android (Kindle) tablet and none of them reported a problem. See if anyone else reports a problem before trying again.

  • Thanks and ok.


  • Neil, do you mean the powerfulpatients.org administrator? Sorry, not tech saavy.

  • Yes, the Poweful Patients site would be at fault to cause the error message I think Sue got. (I thought Sue's browser was warning her the site may not be safe as the validity certificate was out of date.) But if you and Sue are both using Macs and both of you still can't access the Powerful Patients site, then perhaps it's a Mac browser problem?

  • You are correct Neil. No safe connection still.

    Going toleave it now as I prefer the warnings.

    Thanks sue

  • I can't access either, so it may be Mac problem?

  • Try this direct link to Vimeo... if you have problems...


  • Thanks Chris.


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