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CLL with upper respiratory infection


For the past three months I have suffered from reoccurring upper respiratory tract infection. After four courses of antibiotics I am still bringing up mucus and have fluid in my ears. My G.P has now referred me back to my C.L.L Specialist. I have been on W&W for the past ten years and am told my spleen is enlarged. Have had a C.T scan and am awaiting results.Any comments would be appreciated.

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AY, it would probably be a good idea to have your IgG level checked. It's a simple blood test with results usually available in less than 24 hours. I suffered for several months with respiratory infections that cleared up only after receiving IVIG infusions.


Excellent suggestion. My wife started with IgG infusions after a 9-day hospitalization due to pneumonia in 2018. She gets the infusions every other month and, so far, has not had any issues.

She started Venetoclax plus Obinutuzumab 2 months ago, after almost six years in WW. Side effects have been neutropenia and low platelets, which are being managed.


Thank you for getting back to me. I will contact my G.P to try and get the 1gG blood test.

Many thanks.

I have had better results when prednisone is added to the antibiotics.

Dennis, 72, Venetoclax


The referral to the CLL specialist will likely include a blood lab CBC w/auto differential.

As gardening-girl mentioned, the IgG may reveal some important clues regarding your immune capability, however, IgG is not standard on a Complete Blood Count and auto diff is at the discretion of the physician.

Considering that you are 10 years Watch and Wait, it would be reasonable to to request IgG, IgA,IgM and the differential calculation prior to your visit with the CLL specialist. The additional cost should be minimal, and your doctor would then have the appropriate measure to discuss the aspect of your immune system with you.



I’ve had exactly the same thing, from mid summer cough through to sinus and ear issues.

Neither cough, sinus or ear problems are resolved.

Lost hearing in both ears simultaneously for about 2 weeks just before Christmas and still have loud tinnitus and rushing of blood sounds in my head!

tried two lots of antibiotics, 2nd lot was amoxicillin for 2 weeks.

Strangely my nasal pathways have been completely clear through all of this.

Feel like I’m improving but still not right.

Seeing my GP this week and will ask for referral to ENT

Hope you get sorted soon


Hi AdaYoung, I hope you’re feeling better!

I remember my oncologist telling me that if I ever had a secondary infection that I could not get rid of, that I’d probably have to have a blood transfusion.

I do hope you’re feeling better! 😊


Thank you for your comments. Yes I still have the infection and have had to battle with my hospital to get the igG blood test and to be seen earlier than my routine appointment.

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