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CLL Advocates Meeting in Edinburgh - Tribute to CLL Canada, Chris Dwyer


Chris was not forgotten by the delegates at the CLL Horizons Meeting in Edinburgh.

The last agenda item was a moving tribute to Chris delivered with passion, emotion and tears by Deborah Baker, a CLL advocate from Canada who knew Chris well. It closed with more tears and applause for both of them and it was a privilege to have been there to hear it.


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How wonderful to hear this Jackie.

I’d have been a total mess as it’s reduced me to tears just reading this.

How we still miss his counsel and wisdom.


Jm954Administrator in reply to Newdawn

I was in tears, it brought back all the feelings of loss and sadness :(

Shown with lots of his pictures of flowers and quotes from members of HU on how they had helped him. Deborah did him proud.


MsDJ in reply to Jm954

How beautiful, ty for sharing this :(

HAIRBEAR_UKFounder Admin in reply to Jm954

Without Chris events like CLL Horizons and groups like the CLL Forum here at HU may never have transpired. It is only fitting he should be acknowledged on the global CLL advocacy stage for his tireless work, and life dedication to help us all, we are richer because of him. He set the bar for us, and in each of our ways helped us to reach it at a personal level and in practice.. Deborah's tribute to Chris brought back feelings of great loss to so many of us in the room.. He still reminds us every day why we do what we do!

We continue to build on the work of our friends before and they will never be forgotten. His encouragement and dedication grew the seeds of advocacy in so many. It was hard to compose ourselves through the tears and emotion in the room to sum up for such a great event. Deborah did a great job.


Jm954Administrator in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

So true Nick.

His legacy lives on with those of us inspired by him to continue his advocacy work.


My wonderful frend!Thank you Chris forever!❤.

Maybe any have photo of Chris when he was yang?🌹

Jm954Administrator in reply to Name-1

No, none of him young :(


Thanks for this, Jackie. I wish I'd been there to hear it., though I know I'd have been in tears along with everyone else.

Often I feel that Chris is still with us... For over six years, I was reading things he said almost every day. It was a big part of my life... Things he said still come back to my mind, and often I find myself thinking how he might answer certain questions.

He was a very special man. I'm so glad Deborah did him proud!


How lovely. What a legend.

Peggy 😀

Chris Dwyer's contributions to the CLL community were beyond measure. I am so grateful to have received most of my CLL education from such a dedicated teacher.

We all miss you Chris!

Always missed Chris. Thanks Jackie.xx


Chris is a hero, his wisdom, strength stays with us.

Speechless, tears flowing, so moving, well deserved for an amazing man, ty for sharing, miss you so much dear friend, mentor, teacher, Hero :(

He was a great guy. He definitely told it the way it is!! Extremely smart as well.

We all miss him ,


Always missed,



Miss him often. Thank you, Deborah!


Jackie, thank you for sharing with us. Chris certainly was special. Something most of us can only dream of. He was always cheery and kind and open to our questions. I often think of him and how I miss him.

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